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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 13 May 2011 05:40

braveones176Not content with fronting the awesome Bullets And Octane, or Sex And Violence, or releasing four volumes of solo material, Gene Louis now manages to slip out this full length from his other band The Brave Ones.


Less of the knife to the throat of Bullets, less punk than S & V and more rocked up than his solo material, The Brave Ones have more than a hint of Social Distortion about them. Sure a lot of that has to do with Gene Louis and Ness sharing the same ability to paint a great picture with their lyrics but they also have the same cask-matured tones in their delivery which have been distilled for some considerable time to reach the wonderful tones that get put on tape.


Ten tracks to follow up last year's excellent EP with songs about life, love and rock and roll dreams. Opening with 'Go Get Em Kid', it's upbeat and gritty which is about where The Brave Ones are at. Gene's capacity to write consistently great songs is quite spectacular and, spread out over ten songs, The Brave Ones deliver the goods big time. 'Old Cafe' slows down the pace to a gentle strum whilst 'Filthy Wings' just swaggers and oozes class like Social D around the time of 'Between Heaven And Hell' or 'White Light'. The quality runs throughout the ten tracks, 'Lady London' rocks with a touch of rockabilly whilst 'Here We Go' is a heads-down rocker bristling full of energy and passion. The album closes with a countrified ramble with some great lyrics - 'Devil's Years' is the end of the first chapter of The Brave Ones but hopefully this is just the beginning.


The hardest working man in American music seems to effortlessly churn out band after band and song after song and, apart from one of the constants being Gene Louis, the other constant is an incredibly high standard of songwriting - long may it continue. Now go and get some Brave Ones, I guarantee it won't disappoint.