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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 04:00

wyldlifeComing atcha from Noo Yawk City, Wyldlife have this new record out that's been produced by Tuk from The Biters and this streetwise gang from the Big Apple sure know how to pen some pretty mean power pop punk rock 'n' roll. From the opening salvo of 'The Right!' it's obvious these cats have the chops as they walk the walk right from the off. In two and a half minutes of Hives meets the Ramones with all the pop sensibilities of a gritty '70s glam rock band Wyldlife play mean catchy pop songs. I'm convinced this is going to be just what the rock 'n' roll doctor ordered.
'Saturday Night' is a hand clapping stomper that once it enters your head you're infected with a good time and you're reaching for the volume control to turn this mother up! Right up! A perfect theme tune to the best Saturday night you could wish for. A maturity in songwriting seasoned power pop punks could only dream of. Inspiring stuff.
The good times just keep a coming as 'Wasted' rattles along on some sweet duel guitar attack and 'Sonofabitch', with its bass heavy opening, bursts out in all the right places, like a street tough fight club anthem with some superfly lyrics.
To balance the edgy 'Sonofabitch', 'Guardian Angels' has a catchy swagger that's all '80s alternative suss with one of those cool choruses. 'Trash' thankfully isn't a cover of the Dolls classic but yet more uber cool power pop that just drips with quality and is so simple it pains me to think how few bands just get "it" and are able to record music this good.  

Wyldlife are either one of the luckiest bands out there or just have that rare X-factor and this songwriting and playing lark is as simple as falling off a log. Either way this album is the dogs bollocks! Hell, it might even give those Biters a good run for their money when it comes to this genre of music. 'Cowboys And Slutz'  might be a shit title but it's a mean tune and has some great lyrics.
From the first tune through to the groovy last strains of 'Out On The Run' Wyldlife have banged out one hell of a good album and if the Biters light your fire then this East Coast mob will keep pouring the fuel on that fire and you'd be foolish to pass up on this most excellent record. The time has indeed come to rock and roll and Wyldlife are the house band. Buy it!


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