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Written by Ian B   
Friday, 21 May 2010 05:20

1avisionVision originate from Chicago with the two key players being composer, guitarist, and keyboardist Sean P Gahgan and Nefarious on vocals. Other musicians on the album include Alex Kai on drums and Azrael on bass, who also produced the album.


This album is a hefty chunk of progressive metal and the influences that jump out through playing the album include Queen, Queensryche, Helloween, Meat Loaf, Saxon, King Diamond, and Megadeth. What you get for your £age is a diverse collection of songs ranging from up tempo in your face metal through to melodic rock and even a taste of acoustic strumalong, the arrangements are compelling and the more you listen the more you can hear. Overall the influence and songs offer a nod to old school metal/rock but with enough modern sounding structure and the production provides a quality sound. 


The impression you have is that this is a concept album but the more you listen and start to get a familiarity with the album is that each song stands out as individual; there are atmospheric songs such as 'Descentation', 'Oceans Away' is quite operatic/classical, 'Steel The Thunder' is full-on power metal, 'Burning Hopes' builds like a power ballad without the cheese, 'Frozen Tears' is classic rock, the rest fall between these categories and create enough interest to want to spin the disc again in case you missed anything.