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Written by Simon Hadley   
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 06:00

Triosphere'The Road Less Travelled' is Norwegian metallers Triosphere's follow-up full length release to their 2006 debut album 'Onwards'. Triosphere play a mixture of heavy rock, with elements of power and melodic metal in an attempt to set themselves apart from other female fronted metal bands.


The album begins with the two minute instrumental 'Ignition' with a Spanish guitar riff that (no pun intended) ignites into a blistering riff which announces the band and the album's arrival.  'Driven' continues this theme and the power metal element of the band's arsenal shines through. At first listen vocalist and bass player Ida Haukland's voice really is unrecognisable as a female vocalist, due to her mid-range vocals, and at times on the opening track this style makes her sound uncannily like ex-Grand Prix and MSG singer Robin McAuley.


Similarly, the Ida Haukland vocals in 'The Road Less Travelled' are just as enchanting, but it´s not only Haukland that keeps up the immensely high level of performance, as the band's musicianship stands out from their rivals.


'Marionette', the five minute epic also continues to show the band's versatility and features the most energetic vocal range and performance of the album, as the raw emotion shown by Haukland adds to the tracks intensity. Musically however, the track draws comparisons with early 90's metal bands and in some places, later-era Guns N' Roses.


Elsewhere on the album Ida Haukland's vocal range and delivery isn't very far away from Ann Wilson (Heart) and hearing Triosphere attempt a modern day take on Heart's 'Barracuda' would be a treat to listen to.


'The Road Less Travelled' then is an album of two halves, musically and vocally the band can be considered almost flawless, however for every bad lyric and composition that exists on this album, it's more than made up for by their undoubted passion and power.