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Written by David Prince   
Saturday, 26 June 2010 06:00

laroxxFor the very first time on CD, the debut album from glam/street hard rockers from Italy LA ROXX originally out, only on cassette, in 1992.

The album was originally recorded for release in USA and Japan through a major label, and a promotional tour of the States (prior to the announced release) was set up, with gigs played at the famous Troubadour, Foundation Forum and F.M. Station in Los Angeles. Unfortunately things went bad, as the label supposed to release the album suddenly dropped the offer, so the band found itself with a great (and expensive!) album in its hands without a label ready to release it!

The album has a pure party-glam-street rock flavour, close to the sound of US bands like Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd and early Motley Crue, mixed with a healthy dose of 'Sonic Temple'-era Cult. The album has been given fantastic artwork with a deluxe full colour 16 page booklet (including pics, memorabilia and lyrics) plus a fully re-mastered sound from the original DAT master-tapes! Which is more than a lot of bands give their fans.

I must admit that I did chuckle to myself when the intro kicked in with a toy box melody and moaning and groaning - as the tempo picks up so do the moans of ecstasy. Very reminiscent of Danger Danger's 'Ginger Snaps' intro. By the time 'Where Is My Way' comes on I'm nearly pissing myself so, after a second to calm down, The Cult-like riff gives way to a vocal that can only be described as Michael Matijevic (Steelheart) humping the leg of Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone).

The rest of the album suffers from dating badly but there are enough diamonds in the rough here to warrant repeat listens. Now they remind me of many bands I saw live around that time in sweaty clubs like Bogiez and The Naval. One or two good tracks but nothing really amazing.