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Written by Matt Phelps   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 05:30

1asuperbuttHungry for metal? Then try some metal from Hungary? Some fresh, exciting, brutally delivered, razor sharp metal that is, served up by one of the Eastern block's best kept secrets; SUPERBUTT!!! No, not a great name is it but then again are names like Butthole Surfers and Nashville Pussy any better? Probably not in all honesty. Superbutt have been steadily kicking arse hidden away behind the Iron Curtain (showing my age here) for a full ten years now. Taking steps to break out globally in 2010, their fourth full length album, 'You And Your Revolution', is getting a full international release to put them squarely in the worldwide arena.

Knowing that Superbutt have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Pro-Pain, Soulfly and In Flames should give you a little bit of insight as to what's on offer here musically, and the opening sonic blastwave of 'Last Call' sets their stall out perfectly. A massive grating riff unleashes a riot of noise that features Clawfinger frontman (and Superbutt super fan) Zac Tell lending his unique voice to the cutting edge attack. For an opening track it's a mighty impressive way to start and quite possibly has set the bar at an impossible height for the following tracks to live up to.

The follow ups, 'Killer' and 'Figure' offer some fine attempts at keeping the pace rapid, and indeed rabid, but you're still left reeling from the initial pounding of 'Last Call'. Man, that was a good un. But it's track four, 'In Vain', which finally brings you back to your senses with a steady, powerful, brooding procession of precision riff based metal that would be quite at home in Annihilator's 'Carnival Diablos', 'Waking The Fury' era. Equally 'Lift Her', which kicks in with some heavy as fuck guitar work that's sure to get any serious rock fan banging their head, echoes the technical musical delivery of Waters' crew yet with the gruff vocals from long time frontman András Vörös riding seamlessly over the top it gives 'You And Your Revolution' an altogether more earthy feel.

'With Nails' and the following title track keep the pace solid and the sound hard. A sound that reveals that Zac Tell isn't the only Clawfinger contact in the Superbutt phone book. The album itself was produced with Zac's co-Clawfinger founder Jocke Skog behind the controls at FAL Studios, Stockholm. He's succeeded in delivering a wall of sound so sharp you could fucking shave with it. Piercing guitars and face melting drums plus elements of Slayer, Monster Magnet, Deathstars and maybe even some GWAR all mixed up in a solid delivery from Jocke and his Hungarian employers.

The only thing that had been concerning me so far was that the fact that, until now, none of the songs that followed the opening burst of Clawfinger-esque rockarama had come close to equalling the fire power shown during that opening track. Some decent tracks had come and gone but I had feared they'd opened with the best one and pretty much left the rest of the album with the unenviable job of keeping up with such an outstanding piece of metal. But luckily my initial fears were well and truly disspelled as 'You And Your Revolution' ends with Superbutt dealing out their best two hands, aces all the way with the closing one two of 'Gone Far' and 'Blisters' closing the set with an undeniable knockout punch.

Heavy, furious and fast paced deadly chainsaw riffs litter the ten tracks that make up 'You And Your Revolution', a swarming, unrelenting, contemporary metal sound and hard edged approach that is as far removed from the comical connotations of the band name that you could imagine. Superbutt mean business, don't doubt that for an instant. The Hungarian metal flag is being hauled well aloft by these guys. They rock, salute them!