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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 16 June 2014 03:00

boysmeno300Excited? Not half. It's been almost a lifetime since the last studio album to bear the name 'The Boys' on its cover and I'm sure many of us doubted it might ever happen again. We've had the dawning of compact discs and the laser discs and we've even entered the digital age yet through all those musical fads one thing was missing: Steel, Dangerfield and Plain laying down tracks under the Boys name. In this jet age it's finally here: it's not just a story and it hasn't been shelved never to see the light of day; with a brand spanking new thirteen song album the Boys are most certainly back in town.


As the virtual needle drops into the grooves it's with a measured, brooding, chugging menace on the old six string that gets us underway. It might be restrained but don't be fooled, '1976' is one of those songs that gets inside your noggin and refuses to leave until you're singing the words "Oh my God, it's a punk rock menopause" over and over and over. The credits are to all three remaining originals who are more than ably aided by Steve Fielding on bass duties, who plays an integral part in this opener, as does the job pounded out by Stephane Reynaud. Anyone who has seen the band live in the last couple of years can testify that The Boys most certainly have the chops and having the opening track on the new record sounding this good excites me.


'I Need You' opens with a Heartbreakers meets Ramones vibe but when the Steel keyboards roll in it becomes pure Boys with those gang vocals to die for. Sounding like a heavenly choir it's the perfect pop punk mix that's not only superbly delivered but the hook is exquisite which makes for a most listenable tune...and we're only two songs in!


The standard is kept for the next few tunes as the arrangements are top notch on 'I'm A Believer', with some excellent guitar riff interplay between Plain and Dangerfield but it's all held together with a great big acoustic guitar strum and oh-so-subtle keyboard rolling in and out of the chorus whilst a steady piano plays out the chords in the verse. Did I mention there are handclaps?


Maybe the most instantly likable songs are up next with the happy go lucky 'She's the Reason' which is classic Plain and an absolute classic Boys song. From the first play I think I hit loop for about five straight plays and got carried away. It's everything you'd want from a Boys tune and, boy, does it make you feel good whilst you're hammering away playing those air drums!


'Global Warming' follows hot on the heels of 'She's The Reason' in a similar vein but it's when you get to the chorus and join in with those backing vocals and let out a laugh at the lyrics in great Boys charm "Lets party!" - in a world that's fair and just this would probably be the band's third number one single in a row and be on heavy rotation throughout the summer on every radio station the length and breadth of the damn country.


'Keep Quiet' drops a few gears as the band kick back for the intro but it's just an intro before the party begins again. Twelve bar boys with great melodies and backing harmonies to die for. 'How Hot Are You' is all rhythm and shit shaking and it's only then I realised it's just about only half way through this most excellent of albums.


This is where the album gets serious (cough cough) as 'Punk Rock Girl' just leaves me floored! Damn, I wish I could bottle why I feel so good listening to a particular song and not others but 'Punk Rock Girl' is immense. Is it the chord changes? Is it Honest John's voice? Is it the....fuck it, I'm not fussed what it is, all I know is I'm loving this record and I'm delighted that in 2014 the Boys have decided to get it on and release this thing.


I don't really want to spoil the whole album by giving a blow by blow account of each tune just suffice to say if you were to write down a list of what you wanted out of this record alongside a list of what you didn't want it to sound like and raise those expectations then what you'll be holding is just about the perfect record that the band could have made.


It might have been a long, long old wait and it might be a shame it's not made up of the full original line-up but it might over time prove to be the Boys' finest hour. It holds up against 'Alternative Chartbusters', 'The Boys' and 'Boys Only'. You might think that's a bold statement and I don't know what I'm talking about but I've had this record for well over a month and I can't stop playing it and it just keeps getting better and better.  


Rockers, rollers: even a slow song - 'Punk Rock Menopause' - is an absolute belter and over time this too will go down as another classic Boys album! Uber Rock recommends? I certainly do!

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