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Written by Matt Phelps   
Thursday, 11 June 2015 03:40

ISavcover300Nineteen years ago Iron Savior started as a simple studio project. A means for the then trio of Kai Hansen, friend and producer Piet Sielck and one time keeper of the Blind Guardian beat Thomen Stauch to smash out some tunes inspired by the original metal sounds of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. But somewhere along the line the restless Savior managed to break out of the recording booth and turned into a fully fledged band with a life of its own.   


That original line up of Sielck, Hansen and  Stauch parted company a good few years back with only Sielck staying at the helm to guide Iron Savior on through the stormy waters of the modern music industry. Now with an impressive eight studio albums in total under the Savior's pyramid studded belt Piet has chosen 2015 to gift us with 'Live At The Final Frontier'. This 2CD / DVD set stands proud the band's very first concert release. Recorded in their hometown of Hamburg in January of this year '...Final Frontier' stands as a seventeen track scorcher of heavy metal classics that celebrates the finer points of the last two decades' worth of material.


They kick things off with the one/two of 'Ascendance' / 'Last Hero' from the 2014 release 'Rise of the Hero'. An album represented elsewhere by the merciless 'Revenge of the Bride' and the heavy-on-the-bass rumbling of the explosive 'Burning Heart'. Searing vocals add a white hot heat to already molten anthems of metallic excellence like 'Condition Red' while the guitars really hit home hard with the 'Battering Ram' cut of 'Break The Curse'.


And with a full five songs pulled from 2011's impressive 'The Landing' Sielck clearly doesn't feel the need to focus mainly on the earlier material from the albums his famous friend played on. Then again why would he? With Sielck responsible for the lion's share of Iron Savior's songs the whole catalogue is pretty much his to do with as he sees fit. However there are some choice cuts offered up from the early days with the likes of the show stealing 'Atlantis Falling' from the '97 debut helping to show how Iron Savior built up to what they are today on some very strong foundations.


The band has not only survived but thrived through turbulent times. They're still here, still fighting and 'Live At The Final Frontier' captures every hard hittin' beat and balls out riff they have to offer. Modern masterpieces that all strike with an iron fist, Sielck's Savior can still pack a terrific punch in the trad-metal world. Proof indeed, should it ever be needed, that 'Heavy Metal Never Dies'!


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