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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 18 June 2015 02:00

DMWcover300Right from the off let's get this out there: this is not an Alarm record nor is it a Damned or Stray Cats record, or Living End for that matter; this release is Dead Men Walking for gawd's sake.  


I committed the cardinal sin of reading a few reviews on the record just to gauge opinion and apart from the people who think this is a new set up they constantly harp on about it not sounding like a Damned record or Alarm fans moaning that it doesn't have the feel of a Mike Peters record - well, hey folks, guess what? IT ISN'T!


There, got it off my chest. Sure there are tracks here that are clearly mainly written by individuals within the group in a style that is noticable but the fact that it doesn't sound like any of their day jobs is a result in my book. Okay, so the 'Weather Song' could have been on the Sensible Grey Cells album but one thing you do pick up is there is boundless energy pulsating through this record and what is essentially a live band who've grabbed an off day chance to slam down a bunch of tunes has given this project that energy. Songs like 'Damned Damned Damned' sound like they were a whole lot of fun to write, play and record. You also get some cool lyrics, like on the aforementioned 'Weather Song'.  


I've seen Dead Men Walking many, many times with many line ups and I was a bit surprised not to have seen the likes of Glen Matlock,  Pete Wylie, Kirk Brandon or even Billy Duffy turn up on a track or two, but I can imagine the logistical problems of a project like this being horrific and we should be glad that studio time with four was managed.


It's not over produced, in fact you might say it's under produced and sounds like they've had a great vibe going and just captured it and so they should be able to considering the impressive catalogue the four have amassed. Sure, there are elements that sound borrowed, like the groove on the title track that sees Chris Chaney take the lead vocals and twang some of that wonderful Gretsch sound he is capable of.


Spread out over fifteen tracks there is something here for everyone and the Bolan-esque 'The Devils Music' is big and bold and gets its groove right on. Peters' acoustic is prevalent in a lot of the tracks and I'd guess being the principle songwriter would explain a lot but in no way would you say this was a Peters album. The Sensible pop melodies are present and correct; 'What If' is catchy as hell whereas 'Out On The Edge' rocks out.


A fantastic feelgood record is 'Easy Piracy'; it has unearthed some real gems and the forty seven minutes is done in a flash which by my reckoning is a great sign, so leave your preconceptions at the door, come in, pour yourself a drink and let's rock and roll.


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