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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 20 June 2016 03:20

5way300With song titles such as 'Mutha Rockers', Balls', 'Hard Woman' and 'Cheap Tickets', I had a good idea what this Aussie band were going to sound like. Add to that their promo blurb mentions 'Appetite For Destruction', snarling blazing guitars and being a road band, you can only get excited and hope that the band can live up to the building expectations... and 'Play Loud' doesn't disappoint.


Great, balls-out singing not a million miles away from Bon Scott - Check!


Guitar playing that probably made the players fingers bleed - Check!


The belief that louder and faster is always better - Check!


Fist-in-the-air choruses that you can't help but love - Check!


What the band from Penrith have done is collate 12 tracks of balls to the wall rock 'n' roll that takes no prisoners, embraces all that has come before and to simply remind the listener that rock and metal is simply the best form of music to have a good time to.


'Mutha Rockers', 'Hats Off' and 'Soul Rippa' start proceedings and by now, you'll already be a fan of the band - 'Soul Rippa' is especially impressive with all five members of the band going non-stop, flat-out on a track that encompasses all that they are about. The track has an almost thrash underbelly to it also such is the intensity that they can produce.


We all love a Bon Scott-style voice and the great man is missed but when bands such as Airbourne simply copy 'DC, then it doesn't do him justice so it's with great credit to Paul 'Spyda' White and the band that they can mix it up so the band can feed their influences of bands such as Cold Chisel or Jimmy Barnes into the mix without fear of straying away from the obvious blueprint of boogie down rock - 'She's The Girl' is one such track.


While the band have obviously been influenced by Rose Tattoo and AC/DC - is it even possible not be if you're Australian? - they really have seeped arena rock anthems and GN'R attitude into their sound to the point where you've got to ask yourself why this band aren't at least as big as your Volbeats or Alter bloody Bridges of this world? Listen to 'Addiction' and not imagine the intense happiness and joy you'd be in if this was sung in a live setting, or listen to the Maiden-esque start to 'Run Riot' and not want to turn the speakers up again. Impossible!


I guarantee you'll play this and it will remind you of bands X, Y, or Z but I can also guarantee that it will be played non-stop until that last note is delivered through your speakers. Some bands just understand the energy and love for rock and roll and are able to put it all down on song without compromise - 5 Way Addiction are one such band.


Blisteringly good.




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