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Written by Dave Prince   
Thursday, 08 June 2017 04:00

Adrenaline Mob - WTP coverHaving heard of Adrenaline Mob before I was looking forward to checking the band out. So, on this their third full length studio album, 'We The People', I finally get a chance to listen to them.


Apparently they are something of a 'super-group'. Although to be it appears that they have somewhat of a revolving door policy towards its members. With vocalist Russell Allen and guitarist Mike Orlando being the regulars in the band, along for this ride are David Zablidowsky on bass and Jordan Cannata spinning the sticks on the drums.


One thing that does not surprise me after my initial listen is that a member of Fozzy has been present at some point. For me, Adrenaline Mob remind me of a more melodic Fozzy with touches of Shinedown thrown in for good measure. This is clearly evident on 'Bleeding Hands' which evokes the latter’s 'Second Chances'.


There is more of a heavy groove sound than Shinedown on the politically charged 'Blind Leading The Blind', which I can tell straight away is about the America's recent election. However, the band are not over the top and thankfully do not shove it down the listener’s ears.


Opener 'King of the Ring', meanwhile, could well be destined to be used by the any of the main wrestling corporations. It is a frantic call to arms that gets the listener pumped up. After the promise of the first few songs, however, it all starts to get a bit samey, which is a shame as there is light and shade to be found on 'We The People'.


One thing the album has ignited in me is the desire to check out their back catalogue. I suggest that you do the same as you never know, like myself that you may find something you like.


‘We The People’ is out now.


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