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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 28 June 2017 04:00

Baz Trainwrecks artworkWho? C'mon Uber Rockers, we're friends right? You've been reading this website long enough to know that we don't mess about when delivering quality albums and live reviews and interviews… Well, over the past few years I've had the pleasure of chatting to the one and only Baz Francis, and also reviewing him and his fantastic band Magic Eight Ball, and when he asked me to listen to his new live album, recorded earlier this year, how could I refuse his smiling face and uplifting demeanour and bloody good songs?  It was a no brainer – and, with a new solo album in his armour, there was a deeper well for him to drop his musical bucket into and for me to enjoy… and that is obviously the case.  On one of the hottest days ever in South Wales, it seemed fitting that the wonderful tones of Baz's voice and acoustic guitar filled the humid air as 'It's Hard Here' showcased his wonderful voice and songwriting skills; as he sang the words it seemed fitting that yes indeed “it is Hot here on planet earth”!


With songs from Magic Eight Ball are peppered with songs from his recent solo album. 'Pulling The Other One' was a fine place to start. 'See You Next Tuesday' always makes me chuckle.  Hearing these songs stripped bare, without any of the pomp or bluster, shows a side of Baz and his songwriting that holds up to scrutiny: not only does he possess a fine voice and guitar picking skills, he has a fantastic knack for writing songs that can be performed on several levels; regardless of how familiar you might be with his music, he is captivating - and that, my friends, is a rare talent. 


From 'Richest Men In The Graveyard', the fantastic 'Eyes Of A Fool' sounds superb stripped bare and, switching from acoustic guitar to piano, 'Bird On The Wire' is beautiful in its simplicity. To close off the live side of these recordings Baz delivers 'Local Girls' and you can't hear a pin drop such is the respect for what people are hearing.


'Don't Let Me Go On' (possibly my favourite song by Baz) has an acoustic session to close this album off, alongside 'Never Need New Genes' and 'Peacocks', showcasing a sublime talent and an artist who leaps genres with the greatest of ease.  I wish we lived in a just world where talent and dedication were rewarded equally: but, then, I probably wouldn't need to review artists like Baz Francis, because he would be a household name and we could, and would, all revel in his mighty fine songwriting. Sadly it doesn't work like that, so I do need to write this review and say when I've said from the heart - just like Baz Francis sings and plays from the heart,


Check it out you nut jobs and don't let some superb acoustic power pop pass you buy!


‘Trainwrecks In the Desert/Giza 2017’ was released last Saturday (24 June). You can download your copy HERE.


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