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Written by Ian Bell   
Saturday, 04 June 2011 05:01

V8_WankersPart of the fast growing Steamhammer / SPV stable the self proclaimed 'beer for breakfast rockers' V8 Wankers release their sixth album 'Iron Crossroads' with infamous producer Tommy Newton (Helloween, Terry Hoax, Guano Apes, UFO) at the helm. Originating from Offenbach in Germany V8 Wankers have been on a slow but steady rise since their formation in 2000, and having toured with such notable acts as Rose Tattoo, Motorhead, D.R.I., W.A.S.P., and Girlschool they now have a worldwide deal signed and celebrated, so is it their turn to now turn 'Punk 'n' Roll' headliners?


'Iron Crossroads' starts off with the turn of an ignition key and the rumble of a powerful sounding engine as the guitar riff builds behind with vocalist Lutz Vegas repeating "We are sworn to fun, second to none" so you get an immediate feeling of where this album is going.  Sleazy fucked up Biker Punk Rock is pretty much where it's at for V8 Wankers and this is confirmed with song titles 'Live By Rock N' Roll, Die By Rock N' Roll', ''Ride The Rocket' and 'Lone Wolf No Club', titles AC/DC would be proud of,   Sadly though the Wankers can't match the mighty double entendres of DC and the resulting lyrics are more direct veering to warp factor cringe at times. Case in point is in the song ''Give It To Me' with a title contender for the worst lyrics of 2011 with the immortal  "I wanna take you home, I wanna sleep with you, fancy a poke, I wanna do you too" - point made I guess.

Lyrics aside then V8 Wankers would certainly be worth a watch live if playing your local, and I could envisage 'Iron Crossroads' blasting out from Uber Rock's Chalet at Hard Rock Hell whilst we wash down Stagg Chilli with some warm ale to get us in the mood for a good night of hard rockin'. V8 Wankers then are basically a pretty decent Punk Rock band living on the vibes of AC/DC, Motorhead, Junkyard, Kings Of The Sun and Zodiac Mindwarp and they don't move much away from this feel. Sure you will find yourself nodding along to the songs when played as I did but it's hard to remember what they sounded like once they've finished apart from stand out tracks such as the pogo-tastic 'Winner' and the anthemic AC/DC meets The Cult meets Gluecifer 'I'm The Kind Of Guy Who Gets Away With Murder'.

What I do like about V8 Wankers is the fact that the band obviously loves what they do; they are obviously music fans themselves and have provided some tunes made for any half decent house party where the hosts have a decent taste in music (and appetite for destruction). The band name though, is a name either designed to shift t-shirts to the pre pubescent market or forever keep the Wankers in the club circuit.