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Written by Craggy   
Saturday, 04 June 2011 05:30

thetrews329From the country that brought you Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies and Rush (make of that what you will), Canada also produced, somewhat more quietly, The Trews. I say more quietly because outside of their homeland The Trews are comparatively little known. But back in the old dominion The Trews are positively smokin', and have notched up two gold albums and ten Top 10 rock radio singles. 'Hope & Ruin', co-produced with Tragically Hip bassist Gord Sinclair, is their fourth album on Bumstead Productions, and is distributed via Cargo Records in the UK.


The Trews are a big name in Canada, but for me this is a new experience despite the fact that they have played all over the world, supporting mega-star acts such as the Rolling Stones and Axl's Guns N' Roses. And they can hold their own up there too. The Trews can rip it up with strong, solid rock songs such as free-flying opener 'Misery Loves Company' and the riff-tastic 'People Of The Deer', with the latter incorporating the key sound of melodious grunge such as Soundgarden. And although a grunge influence is often hinted at in this album, with the Foo Fighters-esque 'The World I Know' a good example, for the large part the album is more mellow and reflective. The low-key roots rock is prominent on front-porch foot-tappers such as 'One By One' and 'Dreaming Man'.


This relationship with melody and harmony that The Trews command can also manifest in moments of epic-ness with songs such as the brilliant title track, which is a little reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen circa 'The Rising', or the North Atlantic hit in the waiting, 'I'll Find Someone Who Will'. The Trews may hold a bigger presence in their homeland but 'Hope & Ruin' is studded with stand-out tracks, and with an album as strong as this The Trews sound truly international.