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Written by Russ P   
Monday, 13 June 2011 05:00

rivalsons-pressuretime-176pxHaving released a brilliant six track EP only months ago I was expecting this, the band's full length debut album, to be a mix of tracks from that EP topped up with a couple of new tracks. Amazingly this is not the case. And it's amazing to me because of the quality of both the EP and the album - just where are these guys getting all the good songs from?


The album begins with 'All Over The Road' a thumping upbeat mix of David Coverdale-esque innuendo fused with some Hendrix and Cream. While 'Young Love' exudes the primal exuberance of The Doors and The Animals. It's remarkable how deeply the band have transported themselves back in time fully immersing themselves and capturing the raw and energetic sound of the British Invasion bands of the 60s. I've not heard a band do it so convincingly since the 22-20s' debut album. Rival Sons do it too. Just listen to 'Get Mine' - pure energy converted to sound.


Post-Invasion influences from the late 60s and early 70s are also in evidence - both 'Pressure and Time' and 'Gypsy Heart' are very Zeppeliny with Bonham beats and 'Black Dog' riffage.


'Save Me' may have got me thinking about Queen but it's not the song's namesake that I'm thinking of but of 'Stone Cold  Crazy' which shares the same iambic pentameter. The riotous 'Burn Down Los Angeles' is a song that's not easy to forget - I must have heard this months ago when I saw them live for the first time.


Primarily a riff-centric grooving band, I easily forget about the band's softer side. 'Only One' has a superb vocal from Jay Buchanan that recalls the great Terry Reid. Superb song too. 'Face Of Light' - another slow song - ends the album in a cool relaxed mood. Its unlikely use of boxing metaphors actually works cleverly in this sensitive and spiritual song.


It's funny. I always approach Rival Sons as a band that I know I quite like. But by the time I've finished listening to them I'm always scratching out the 'quite' and replacing it with something approved_image_lrgstronger. 'Quite' implies passivity and there's nothing passive about this band.