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Written by Ben Hughes   
Thursday, 30 June 2011 06:00

thelonelyhcdReleased overseas in 2009, 'Concrete Class', the third album from The Lonely H, has finally hit UK shores and fallen straight into the hands of Uber Rock. The Lonely H are a band from another time, somewhere around about 1971 I reckon; I don't think they own iPods, they may not even have a colour TV! You want twelve tracks of retro rock 'n' roll? You got it in abundance and good it is too.


Growing up in their small hometown of Port Angeles, Washington, these guys have grown up together, a band since they were 13 years old, and their influences are clear - Led Zep, The Band, The Stones and The Allman Brothers - and their interests are simple; making records and touring.


'Concrete Class' is their third album in as many years. Recorded in glorious analogue these are songs of life, they are the real deal, you can just tell that they mean it right from the opening chord. 'Right Down To Me' is 'Southern Harmony..' era Black Crowes straight away, the beautiful guitars of Eric Whitman, banjo and that gravelly, soulful voice of Mark Fredson warm to the heart instantly.


'White Horse Tears', with its hammond organ and fantastic harmonies, is sublime to my ears. A pure, soulful, countrified blues ballad with a great arrangement. 'The Singer' is another highlight - acoustic based and classic sounding it brings to mind The Eagles.


They mix it up well - straight rockers like 'Out West' and 'Diggin' A Hole' sit comfortably next to sweet, acoustic, country blues like 'Take Care' or the 'Exile..' era Stones of 'Phoenix'. These are the songs of a band who live their life on the road; three years of solid touring has paid off, hard to believe these guys are only just in their 20s. Recently they relocated to Nashville, added another guitarist and have begun writing and recording album number four. With The Black Crowes seemingly on extended hiatus yet again, there is a big audience crying out for a young band to bring something real and Southern to the world of rock 'n' roll. There are many bands out there doing it but The Lonely H are one of the best, believe it.


If you are digging the sounds of Uber-approved bands such as Vintage Trouble and Rival Sons at the moment (and you really should be!) then add The Lonely H to that list.