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Written by Ben Hughes   
Monday, 11 June 2012 04:30

8ballSince we last heard from Magic Eight Ball and their highly recommended 'Mother Nature's Candy' EP last year, Baz Francis, the main man with a power pop plan, has led his merry men on a couple of jaunts across the country. A successful tour with his hero and Enuff Z'Nuff frontman Donnie Vie culminated in Baz playing an acoustic rendition of the EZN classic 'Time To Let You Go' with the man himself, which has probably been a career highlight, I imagine. Literally just as I type these words he will be wrapping up a tour with ex EZN guitarist Johnny Monaco. Who is next on Baz's hit list of power pop heroes to support is anyone's guess, but there is a Redd Kross album on the way, Baz!


So here we have a re-release of their debut 2007 EP 'A Peacock's Tale' remixed, remastered and lovingly packaged for your listening pleasure. Of the four tracks on offer, I have previously heard a couple. Opener 'Baby, Is It So?' still sounds like Brit Pop band Dodgy, which isn't a bad thing at all. Actually it's like James Dean Bradfield singing for Dodgy, with some lush backing harmonies going on; it's fresh like a summer breeze. The vocals build nicely and fair play the chorus sounds fantastic, quality delivery indeed that man.


I originally said 'Never Need New Genes' was like a lost Redd Kross b-side and, in hindsight...yeah, it still is. The sweet melody and harmonies giving it a '60s tinged power pop feel, and it's still the catchiest tune on offer here, now sounding like an old friend.


'Down By The River' is a more chilled acoustic affair that drifts lazily along on sweet Beach Boys like harmonies, as instant and catchy as the previous two tracks,just more laid back. The instrumental 'L.N.E. (For The Love Of Three Girls)' is a pretty little ditty that has Baz tinkling the ivories for us; it's Billy Joel doing the Hill Street Blues theme tune and a nice tune to wrap up an EP that oozes quality and style.


So there you have it, four more quality tunes from the pen of Mr. Francis, a man with a serious knack of writing songs so catchy you may need to visit a doctor to get them removed from your head. But the question is has he got any more up his sleeve? I damn well hope so. With good use of arrangements and instant, classic sounding hooks Magic Eight Ball are a band that could well go places. Go check em out and tell them Uber Rock sent you.