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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 11 June 2012 04:01

Words_Of_FarewellIt is very rarely that a debut album comes along that is as impressive, as refined, as well-crafted and as immediately attention-grabbing as this first full-lengther from German prog metallers Words Of Farewell.


Right from the opening bars of 'Project: Daybreak' there is a very Dream Theater feel about the band's musical style, albeit with more of an emphasis on heavy riffage, thanks in no small part to the impressive twin guitars of Erik Gaßmus and Phillipp Olivier (who subsequently has been replaced by Henrik Tschierschky), who aren't afraid to let loose with loads of highly impressive shredding but without the unnecessary flashy show-offiness which so often has blighted, say, DragonForce - while Alexander Otto's vocals take us more into Meshuggah/Opeth territory, with their baritone growl.


Underpinning the entire sound, the bass of Nils Urginus and drums of Jonas Wübbe are as tight as you could ask for, especially on heavier passages such as 'Ever After' and the thumping, driving riff of the towering, complex 'End Of Transmission' (which is one of the tracks that draws out that DragonForce comparison, with its winding solos) - while Leo Wichmann's keyboards add the right degrees of orchestral embellishment not to distract from the main attraction of those guitars but also to at the same time adding layers of sound which provide plenty for the listener to explore.


There are moments of pure mayhem, such as the short-sharp-shock of 'On Second Thought', which veers very much into death metal territory, or the adrenaline-fuelled rush of 'Urban Panorama', and others of pure sci-fi-chedelic epic progressionism, such as the light and shade of the huge 'The Great Escape' or awesome 'Sorae', with its pounding riff, vicious vocal and beautiful background.


This opus truly is the complete package: superb musicianship, stunning songs and a near-perfect production bringing together all the elements into one glorious whole.




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