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Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 21 June 2012 05:00

deadcityruinsRock 'n' roll just like I know you Uber Rockers like it.....


These Australian (via London) rockers are a pure shot of RnR and have placed in front of you a cocktail of cheap, sleazy balls out Rock. Opener 'Where You Gonna Run' is pure Dead City Ruins and will have you thinking back to the days when GnR really did kick up a storm. I'm not suggesting that they're the new pretenders to the crown, merely trying to get you to picture some fuck you attitude that seems to have evaporated with the new breed of glam that focuses solely on the hair.


'Damn My Eyes' starts exactly where they left off and you realise the Aussie rules that they're playing to have a bit of Junkyard and downright dirt in their genes, throw in a guitar solo of Tracii Guns stylings and you got yourself a slab of rock to be proud of. 'My Lai Massacre' is another track that sprawls out from the gutter and has everything you want and I'm sure is much better than half the dross us sleaze rock lovers have in our collections!


'Midnight Killer' is a track that has the dirt that Buckcherry can't quite deliver - that AC/DC boogie of jeans and beer rather than ripped muscles and posing stance of the LA band. It's a powerful track that could and should be a killer in the live environment. 'Go To War' chugs along yet has enough low end sewer trappings to comfort this rock fan. 'Highway Girl' (there had to be one song about a girl didn't there!) starts off with our beloved cowbell and although isn't the best track on here has a great chorus that you'll be more than happy to strain your vocal chords to. 'Fallen' finishes us up and you get more of the same low buzz bass and head down grime that they've ploughed through for the last 35 minutes and it's 8 tracks that you'll be happy to hear again.


The whole band run themselves - from promo to recordings to distribution to tours so we should be applauding them for being true to their art and making it all the way to Europe to tour.


I'm not telling you for one minute that Dead City Ruins are going to take the world by storm but I will tell you that on the evidence of this you should at the very least purchase it or, better still, get down n dirty with them at a venue across Europe this june.


Uber Rock will be there.


To pick up your copy of 'Midnight Killer' - CLICK HERE