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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 03 June 2013 03:50

knowthecodeWith Airbourne’s third long player turning out to be as weak as their homeland’s amber nectar I needed something like ‘Know Your Code’ to restore my faith in good ole fashioned Australian rock ‘n’ roll.


This limited edition numbered CD was actually recommended to me by a reader on our Uber Rock Facebook group and then thanks to those ever helpful guys at Step One it wasn’t long before I had copy number 076 of 500 within my grasp.


Those of you who will have checked out Dom’s recent review of The Corps ‘Bottle Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ EP will already have a pretty good idea about what I’m going to say next, but for those of you who have yet to hear the sounds of this Sydney quartet, strap yourselves in and prepare for the ride of your lives as ‘Know The Code’ certainly doesn’t pull any punches. In fact the nine tracks contained here are probably the musical equivalent of receiving two black eyes and a few missing teeth courtesy of a furious four to the floor backbeat and a pitbull vocal delivery from frontman Alex.


You can certainly forget these guys trying to sound like latter day AC/DC, because when it comes to The Corps, these (not very) nice boys specialise in the fine art of slide guitar driven turbo punk a la Rose Tattoo, going all out for a case of sonic assault and battery. Take opener ‘Talk Is Over’ for example; I can just see Pete Wells looking down nodding his mullet in approval as this bastard kicks the listener squarely in the nuts.


There’s also a hint of Motorhead banging around The Corps influence pot too and this is perhaps best illustrated via the slowed down ‘Bomber’ guitar riff that welcomes ‘Bad Men’. ‘Wolfman’ meanwhile is pure UK82, snarling and ripping apart all comers whilst that toothless black dog of Airbourne’s is left shitting itself in the corner. This really is some fierce stuff we have here, and to put a muzzle on it would be criminal.


Thank goodness then that producer Russell Pilling simply allows The Corps to do what they do best – and simply lets them play anthemic rock ‘n’ roll music, that edges into streetpunk territory. It’s impossible to single out a stand out track on ‘Know The Code’ because they are all equally a part of the whole, but if you re a fan of bands like Control, Argy Bargy and Nashville Pussy you will certainly not be disappointed by tracks like ‘Bad To Worse’ and ‘Drawn The Line’, in fact you might have just found your new favourite band.


The Corps ‘Know The Code’ I wouldn’t give XXXX for anything else right now…it’s a ripper.