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Written by Mark Granger   
Friday, 07 June 2013 04:00

monstertruckcoverAny album that opens with a song like 'Old Train' is always going to grab my attention. Juggernaut riffs and monster grooves meld together with a singalong chorus to rip your ears away from whatever you're doing for the three minutes it dominates your speakers. Having honed their craft in Hamilton, Ontario (hometown of Martin Short Innerspace fans!) they have two EPs already in the bag, which were then collected together on the gloriously titled 'Don't Fuck With The Truck' but 'Furiosity' is their first album proper.


They have been making a bit of a splash in Canada already though, picking up a Juno for breakthough group of the year 2012 (yeah, I know that means nothing to you but they seem proud of it and I'm assured it's a big deal in Canada, Mumford and Sons won one you know!). With a sound that melds southern rock to desert rock (imagine Kyuss playing Skynyrd and you're halfway there. Man I love these fucking parentheses today don't I? Expect more before the review's out) and a vocal performance by Jon Harvey that reminds you of Chad Kroeger if he'd stop sing those fucking horrible songs and grew some bollocks.


'Furiosity' is not an album that let's you rest and after the head battering that is 'Old Train' the album crashes straight in to 'The Lion', a song that bounces around like a five year old kid buzzin' on Haribo. It then smacks you round the face with another feel good chorus and you can just see those crowds pounding their fists in the air when they play it live. Another riff beast in the form of 'Power of The People' gives way to lead single from the album 'Sweet Mountain River' which in title alone conjures up images of John Denver pumped up on steroids. In reality apart from Denver-esque lyrical imagery, which in itself takes me back to listening to my mum's old vinyls, the song is another power grooving sing-a-long motherfucker of a song that deserves to be blaring out of every open topped car in the world. 'Psychics' on the other hand is an amphetimine fueled beast of a stonker of a thing (I can neither confirm or deny that amphetimines were actually used in the recording of this track and Monster Truck or Über Röck do not condone the use of such things. Oh, and BOOM more parentheses! Didn't see that one coming did ya?).


'Oh Lord' sees Monster Truck shit out another fantastic song before they try something a little different on 'For The Sun'. Slowing things down to a crawl, but doing it with class 'For The Sun' apparently took a year to get right and guitarist Jeremy Windeman took two days on the intro and solos. It's always a relief when you read a story like that to be able to report that the song doesn't suck hairy balls. In fact it shines through among the more muscular songs to show that they aren't actually just a one trick pony. From slow and classy to short, sweet and to the point 'Boogie' does exactly what you'd expect it to and 'Undercover Love' puts Monster Truck back on familiar ground with more riffs and pounding drums. 'The Giant' however throws up the biggest surprise. Perhaps channeling fellow countrymen Rush and sounding a hell of a lot like Mastodon in the process, 'The Giant' hits you with some odd rythms and a fantastic wah-soaked riff that makes Monster Truck a much more interesting band than they have revealed thus far. I'd love to hear them do more of that.


After that prog-like two minute interlude 'Call It A Spade' pulls you back into classic rock territory making you think the previous song had been but a cheese induced dream and when 'My Love Is True' comes stumbling in with its Zeppelin-esque overtones and you become more confused than ever. But that's okay, let it take you by the hand ease you back to reality, it's gospel choir outro will...... hang on who let the gospel choir in?....the gospel choir will sing you back to normalcy. A world where Kyuss never jammed with Skynyrd with Chad Kroeger on vocals, and prog rock songs didn't sit well on albums with straight ahead hard rock boogie songs.  


One day though, it'll niggle at you where you heard this weird combo and you'll be tempted back. You'll rejoin the world of Monster Truck and you'll do it all over again.


It's too late now.


You've fucked with the truck.


You're one of theirs now.


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