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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 10 June 2013 03:40

boozecoverWell, well, well, 'Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing' - Those Sick Livers have finally got round to releasing that much promised long player. Well, when I say long player I mean short long player that isn't here to fuck about and pad out a long player but strip it down and get right to the heart of the matter and release the best collection of songs possible.


I've always thought that The Sick Livers had the potential and if they could capture the often chaotic live show on wax then they might just have a record that is a contender. Well, boys and girls, it's only gone and bloody well happened.


Where to start? Why not begin with the album's opener which just happens to be a call to arms and a shot across the bow of any sleazy rock 'n' roll bands who are working on a new record and think they've got the chops: they might well have to take a step back. 'Gimme The Drugs' begins with a super phat bass run before the guitars roll in. In an instant it's obvious that The Sick Livers have considerably upped their game and penned a Glunk Rock classic.


Quickly on the tail of the opener is the stuttering jab of 'Get Ready' that motors to those oh-so-sweet "Woo Yeahs!" on the chorus and, again, this shit is as catchy and as sleazy as any sexually transmitted infection.  


The Sick Livers' national anthem bursts out with all the venom of a band that knows it's penned a winner and 'Sick Liver' continues the high standard set so far. With a great breakdown and yet more bass rumble this is infectious stuff.


To end Side A you have the aggressive 'Blood On Your Halo' and at the halfway stage it's time to catch one's breath and resist the temptation to just play this side again, such is the quality of the songs. Remember when albums only ever had eight tunes with a well ballanced four on each side? Trim the fat and just keep your record lean seems to be the right idea and always leave the punters wanting more.


Side B begins with the tour de force that is the magnificent 'Cocaine Jeans', some great licks on the guitar as frontman Ginge conducts the orchestra through a bonafide beaut. Song of the year? It might well be.


It's the strength of the material that counts and there isn't one weak link here and, over time, the less instant songs jump out, like the chant on the chorus of 'Seven Year Itch', before that show stealing growl on the bass machine threatens aural damage as the song speeds up, this is Glunktastic! I'll settle for a piece of this action any day of the week.


Unbelievably, we're already knocking out the penultimate song as 'Hell Bent On You' threatens to run over anyone in its way, "whoop, whoop yeah!"


We're there, we've made it to the end as 'Bummed To Death' struts its way into your life. Whilst Ginge tells you about everything that'll have you bummed over you can't help but love this record for its sheer excellence in the song stakes.  


Man, those Sick Livers have delivered and I have no doubt that  'Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing' will make it into many album of the year selections because there is no chaff here, it's just prime, lean, Glunk Rock of the very highest standard.


I kid you not people, these eight songs really are that good and I must have listened to this record a hundred times and it still sounds fresh as fuck! This might just be the beginning of  something quite beautiful. If you're not even the slightest bit intrigued as to how good this record is then take it from me, its!approved image lrg 2013


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