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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 24 June 2013 04:00

Stormzone-ThreeKingsHow do you judge a really great album? An album that truly deserves such an accolade, and so many more? An album that deserves every single hyperbolae, no matter how overblown, heaped upon its shoulders? How do you come to the conclusion that one album may just, maybe just, be deserving of, the admittedly totally subjective, description of “the album of the decade”?


The answer, my friends, is an extremely simple one. It is when the album in question which, after nearly a fortnight, has not yet been ejected from the CD player on the death deck here in this corner of the Überverse. It is when it’s on constant repeat on your phone to the extent that you’re late for meetings coz you’re standing outside the office revelling in its magnificence. It’s when the first thing you do when you log onto your laptop to check the latest gossip on Facebook is to hit the ‘play all’ prompt on the onscreen file.


Dear reader, you know me well. I do not heap needless faint praise on anything or anyone. It doesn’t matter how well I know them. If they deserve congratulations, they get it. If they deserve ripped limb from limb, then I am the first to wield the sword that hangs on my studio wall…. So, casting friendships for all five members of Stormzone aside I have to honestly say this: ‘Three Kings’ is the best metal album I have heard this year – and very likely so far this first tertiary of the second decade of the second millennium (how’s that for a bunch of nice big long words?).


I’m not going to rabbit on with an in depth analysis of this masterpiece (the fourth from the Norn Iron metal magicians and their first since re-uniting with Jess Cox) except to make a few remarks which have haunted me since I first heard the rough demos several months ago:   ‘Three Kings’ is a lot darker and denser than the Belfast quintet’s previous releases (especially the extremely upbeat ‘Zero To Rage’) – and features the band’s first ever ballad – but it also captures the pure hunger of the make and break scenario which the lads faced when they first started the recording process. It is powerful, passionate, angry and celebratory, a collection of fist-pumping heavy metal anthems delivered straight from the heart and soul of a band who live and breathe the true spirit of the genre.


My friends, never believe the weather forecast. There is a Stormzone blowing in from the city of Belfast: it is not on any meteorological radar, and it is definitely one which Michael Fish would never have predicted, not in a gazillion years – but it is coming and, if approved image lrg 2013justice be served, it will leave David Cameron declaring a national emergency when it sweeps all in its path.   Strap yerselves in.


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