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Written by Russ P   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 06:00

Anathema176pxIt's the midnight hour and I'm reviewing this as a stream at this late hour due to the fair usage policy of my internet service provider. After midnight it's FREEEEEEEEEEEE! And so it suits me fine that Anathema's latest 'We're Here Because We're Here' is an album you can turn out the lights to, switch up the volume and still not bother the neighbours. It's a gentle mix of ambient soundscapes, a dash of New Age and, dare I say it, Celtic flavoured folk. And why not? But believe me, this ain't as bad as it sounds on paper - I'd run through a plate glass window just to evade a hemp wearing crystal trader - cause Anathema come out the other end with something fresh and new. Something that is totally them.


The album is very organic sounding and each of the songs is built on the sturdy foundations of a melodic idea that unhurriedly gains stream, slowly unwinds and reveals itself to you. 'Dreaming Light', for example, employs a steadily increasing dynamic not unlike Sigur Ros with a dash of Coldplay and Embrace while the vocals, at least on this track, have a slight Morrissey timbre about them. Elsewhere the sounds drift into Jon and Vangelis territory with tinges of ambient Floyd.


'Summer Night Horizon' is an interesting juxtaposition of differently paced elements. The vocals are half time while the frantic drums take it 16 to the floor. Like taking cocaine while smoking dope one presumes.


'Everything' is my favourite track on the album. I love the harmonies, the build, the smooth irregular drums and piano line. They pull off the holy grail of prog rock here by managing to play some complex stuff not because they can but because it totally fits the song.


'Get Off, Get Out' with its insistent schizoid demeanour breaks the spell for me and I'm forced out of the pleasant state that I've drifted into throughout this album but then soothing strings upon a drum heartbeat make their apology to me in 'Universal'. It's a soaring dirge. And oh how I love dirges. The slower the better.


All in all a great way to wile away the wee hours and better than a Radox bath to soak away the stresses of a hectic day.