Wiser Time - 'Beggars And Thieves' (Wisertime Music Records) Print
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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 05 June 2010 06:00

1awisertimeHailing from the East Coast, Wiser Time play a laid-back groove that sounds more at home on the West Coast or maybe the Southern states, straddling The Black Crowes and the Stones with their early 70's, more laid back, Southern rock type tunes. 


Nine tracks are presented on 'Beggars And Thieves' and a decent lot they are too. The album sounds well played and well produced with some pretty decent tracks on offer from the Stones/Crowes/Quireboys laid-back slide guitars of  'Love And Devotion' and straight away the Crowes comparison is unavoidable, especially in the delivery of the vocals. 


The majority of the tracks sees Wiser Time get mellow, with some very nice keyboards reaching a peak with 'It's Hard Letting You Go'. Guitar picking songs are the name of the game with only a few Keith-like chops being thrown into the mix,  'Working Man's Blues' being the pick of the bunch. Even though there are only the nine tracks, it's a late night chill out of an album - maybe a bit one dimensional - that could do with the odd uptempo song to break it up, but it's good for what it is and one that fans of the Robinson brothers' more mellow moments would definitely enjoy.