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Written by Gaz E   
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 05:30

svolk-coverThis album has been on the prowl for food for some time but only now has it come beating at the door of Über Röck's log cabin holiday retreat in search of fresh blood. While the discovery that adrenaline is the colour brown should have us worried, we welcome this ferocious beast of a record with open ears and horns aloft.


Formed in 2005, Norwegian bruisers Svölk had previously released one EP - 'Beast Unleashed' - before birthing history's first bear metal album! And what an album it is, nine tracks of heavy duty rock that has one dirty foot in Eighties metal and the other in the heavyweight groove of swampy Southern rock.


The press release that accompanied this surprisingly supreme album contained possibly the first truly funny line ever produced by the usual PR proles, claiming that the band have stolen their hairdresser from The Scorpions. Funny, yet actually a little tame - the band look like a bunch of sex pests. In fact, the band line-up photograph looks like an identity parade after the scabby corpse of a truck stop waitress has been found in undergrowth.


They may look mental but they play a brand of metal that is both inexplicably cool and brain-numbingly heavy. Vocalist, and human typo, Knut Erik Solhaug has a whiff of the Hetfields about him at times - second track 'This Is It' throws a bone to old school Metallica - but this band are possibly better suited to fans of the Pepper Keenan fronted era of Corrosion Of Conformity or his current outfit Down.


I'm off to get the band logo embroidered on the back of my denim cut-off. Check out the video for the album's opening bruiser '52', taken from the soundtrack of Norwegian gangster comedy flick 'Tomme Tonner'approved_image_lrg