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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 09 June 2010 05:30

virginmarysAfter a lengthy lead in, this is one album I've been looking forward to hearing in the comfort of my humble abode but, when it finally arrived, how was it going to finally sound?  


Worry no more my friends, 'Cast The First Stone' is six songs of brute force and deft touches all wrapped up in a very mature sounding record with the quality of music on offer staggeringly good for a debut release. 


'Bang, Bang, Bang' almost blew my speakers as it came pelting out sounding like a fuckin' bomb blast of wonderful hard rockin' guitar licks amid a flurry of bombastic drumming as the Virginmarys march through the sound system with their chests puffed up knowing that they've hit the jackpot with some glorious tunes and some top class vocals and musicianship. This is something that definitely has that 'X Factor', God knows what it is but you know when you hear something special. 


There is little new ground being stomped on here, just three guys having the time of their lives playing some truly classic rock. When I caught them live they were a powerhouse and a joy to behold and it was all down to the honesty and quality of the songs, and tracks like 'Portrait Of Red' and 'Nothing To Lose' show a diversity in the music, all be it subtle, and the Angus Young tones of the intro to the stomping 'Out Of My Mind'.


I honestly can't stress how good this brief glimpse into the Virginmarys world is. The album closer and title track is a hard rock master class and kudos goes to singer and axeman Ally who sings like his life depends on it. Now grab yourself a copy as soon as it comes out or go download it - Don't take my word for it but 'Cast The First Stone' is brilliant, simply fuckin' brilliant.