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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 18 June 2010 05:30

madrocketsBased in Florida, Mad Rockets are a four piece who like to rock out with meaty riffs and good melodies and a live in the studio album that definitely contains some firecrackers.


'Last Night' slows the pace a little with some soulful guitar work and pretty decent soloing. 'Angels' lets rip whilst opener 'Get It Right' doffs the cap to AC/DC. Of the eleven tracks on offer here it leans more to classic rock 'n' roll, around the time when Aerosmith were doing 'Rock In A Hard Place', that sort of ball park. 'Sadie' would be a good example of this with a decent hook and again some nice guitar work. You can also hear other influences in the songs; 'Good Times' could possibly be a Poison track if Poison had a swinging set of bollocks and played rock 'n' roll. Maybe a closer comparison would be Junkyard, Little Caesar or Rock City Angels.


I like a band who record live in the studio because what you hear is what you would get live and it shows that they can indeed rock out. 'Supercharged Firecrackers' is a record that sounds like four guys enjoying writing and playing the kind of music they love and that comes through in the songs. Not a bad track in sight which, considering there are eleven tracks on offer, is pretty decent. Much to my relief, the track 'Tears Are Falling' isn't a cover of the Kiss track. 'Hotter Than A Firecracker?' I'm not sure about hotter but it's certainly a step in the right direction and always nice to hear some honest gritty rock 'n' roll played by guys who clearly know what they're doing.