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Written by Gaz E   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 05:00

snakestormcoverThe album art to the left of this wondrous prose isn't actually the same as the artwork on the cover booklet of the album that is currently rattling the speakers in my humble abode.


The band logo isn't present on the actual cover - all you get is a fist. Open the jewel case, remove the disc and you soon see why; the same fist greets you but with middle digit raised high and proud. Snakestorm aren't a band that you fuck with, bruthas and sistas, they are metal muthas and they are gonna fuck you up.


Actually, those hard rock clichés are doing the band a bit of a disservice. While the press sheet that accompanies the album talks of Judas Priest, Accept and old Metallica, the band really sound little like any of those legendary acts. Perhaps it's about attitude, who knows?


The band hail from Sweden and that distinct Scandinavian sound hits you as hard as the bass drum. Modern Hardcore Superstar springs to mind, but only if the cock rock edge was neutered and replaced with the meatiest parts of the Motorhead back catalogue. Remember that first W.A.S.P. album (before Blackie went music television) and 'Slave To The Grind' when Skid Row went heavy as fuck? Well, while Snakestorm don't particularly sound like either band it is that musical mentality that fuses this streetwise metal together.


Opener 'D.T.P.' is heavier than every record in its namesake's record collection if they were added together, down-tuned and re-recorded by Kerry King. 'Clean Cuts And Leather' is the closest the band get to old school metal, both lyrically and musically. It has cowbell too! Nice. 'The Calling' crashes in on a sea of massive drums while 'Dead Red Eyes' is a more brooding affair; huge, chugging guitar and venomous vocals. 'Black Saints' contains the word "hoof" in its lyrics and that, my friends, is a word used all too little in the world of metal these days. The song is actually the most accessible of the bunch. 'Swallowed' is the nearest the album gets to containing any filler - nothing really wrong with the tune, yet nothing really to make it stand out either. 'Partners In Crime' rights any wrong almost immediately and, again, the drums sound incredible. Who produced this? Give that man a ceegar! The band slow things down for a millisecond with the instrumental 'Mental' before the final track, and the band's signature tune, 'Snakestorm' kicks the shit out of you, just to make sure that you ain't getting up. "Evil with a hissssss" indeed....


Shockingly well produced and as heavy as the Mammoth tour bus, this is dirty metal that comes highly recommended if you like your music full of big riffs, bad attitude...and the word hoof.