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Written by Nev Brooks   
Friday, 09 July 2010 06:00

onesoulthrustDescribed as pure, passionate, classic rock, One Soul Thrust are a female-fronted four piece from Edmonton Canada, that edge a little more to the soulful side of rock than most bands do these days. 


On reading the blurb that accompanies the album I have to admit that I went straight to track four on the CD to a number called 'Go Home And Melt'. So why the haste you wonder? How about some guest vocals by a certain Glenn Hughes? Yeah, that Glenn Hughes responsible for Deep Purple's finest moment, 'Come Taste The Band' - need I say more?!!! It certainly doesn't disappoint, fair play, with the voice of One Soul Thrust's Salem Jones blending nicely with Glenn's and we have a funk, soul classic in the making.


Listening to the rest of the album doesn't disappoint either, with a strong 70's Heart influence prevalent in spades. Check out 'Love Is All We Got' - is that the spirit of Ann Wilson or what? The album is 100% a platform for the voice of Salem Jones and boy what a voice that is, being one of the widest ranges I've heard in a long time. Interestingly One Soul Thrust are mooted for doing some tour dates with Glenn Hughes sometime soon (any chances of these being the UK dates I wonder?)


If you like female fronted classic rock with a soul edge, then you'll love this album, guaranteed! I really shouldn't end this review without crediting the rest of the band behind Salem Jones as Jag Mollerup (guitar), Kim Lesaca (bass) and Todd Pretty (drums) together provide the tight platform needed to give the singer room without being spectacular. Just sit back, strap in and go with the groove, and as One Soul Thrust themselves state "the more they rock, the better we feel."