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Written by David Whistance   
Tuesday, 20 July 2010 05:00

Empires_of_EdenAny metal fans out there that enjoy their music, heavy, melodic with a great vocalist needn't explore any further. Just get your hands on the latest album 'Reborn In Fire' from New South Wales' Empires Of Eden.  Featuring an all-star metal cast of Mike Vescera, Louie Gorgievski, Sean Peck and Zak Stevens amongst others.


Who? You cry. Okay I have to admit that of the eight perfectly selected metal vocalists displaying their talents on this album there was only one vocalist that I was aware of previously, and that is Lionheart/Onslaught/Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett.


Even though I'm reviewing the album on the eve of its release it has already experienced worldwide praise in the metal community and after listening to the album I can confirm it's totally deserved. Comparable to Tobias Sammet's Avantasia in that the album was masterminded by one driving force in the form of musical prodigy Stu Marshall (Paindivision/Dungeon), not only does he perform guitar and bass duties on the album but he also composes the music, handles production duties, as well as arranging a 30 piece orchestra.


I don't know how Stu Marshall selected the eight vocalists for the album but he definitely chose the right guys for the job. In carefully selecting each vocalist, each brings their own personality to their song (along with the lyrics), Empires Of Eden have managed to create a very versatile album.  The vocals then being recorded at various locations across the globe, including London, Texas and Japan. 


I mentioned versatility and that comes in the form of traditional metal splendour like opening number 'Of Lights And Shadows' and carries through to the thrash influenced (and my personal standout track on the album) 'Total Devastation'.  This track featuring Cage vocalist Sean Peck who in my opinion is one of the best metal vocals I've heard for a while.  Another standout track is 'Prognatus Ut Obscurum' (Born Of The Spear for anybody out there like myself who doesn't read latin) with features Zak Stevens.  Slowing down the pace for the title track 'Reborn In Fire' features a metal vocal duel courtesy of Mike Zoias and Chris Ninni, a vocalist with more than a touch of Joe Lynn Turner about him. 


Straddling the album like a vocal colossus is Louie Gorgievski, who has already worked with Stu Marshall on previous Empires Of Eden projects.  And after hearing his vocals on 'Death Machine' 'Searching Within' and 'Enter The Storm' you will understand why Stu Marshall was so keen to be reunited with him for his second album.  The album closes in fine style with 'Rising' featuring Ourworld vocalist Carlos Zema and this track features  a fantastic vocal that reminds me of Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson in parts.


Look if you are a fan of metal you won't go far wrong with this album, unpack your air guitar, approved_image_lrgcrack open a beer, raise your horns and rock!!!!