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Written by Johnny H   
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 05:00

Gallini_coverWith this year's Slugfest 3 simply days away, founding member of the best three day free underground music festival in the UK, Mr Darrel Sutton releases two download only singles in preparation for this year's carnage.


First up is the 2 minutes and 19 second blast of 'Satsuma' from Gallini. Gallini are a band formed purely on the belief of its founder. That if a label would sign band's like Satan Jokers and 44 Magnum, then they would sign any old shit.


'Satsuma', is a tribute to 'roided up' perma-tanned numpties and is particularly well timed bearing in mindrecent news events in Northumbria, but in fact this ditty was written about matters far closer to Sutton's heart, deep in the Welsh Valleys. If Gallini/Sutton have one thing nailed, it is that they/he has their/his fingers well and truly on the pulse when it comes to social comment.  The band having previously recorded such underground classics as 'Two Months Late (And I'm Starting To Panic)', 'Horny Dog', and 'Specky Wanks'. 'Satsuma' is a caustic vision of the fucked up world we live in today.


With an ever-revolving band line up (Sutton being the only constant member in an over twenty year disaster of a career) Gallini in 2010 are on a quest to wrestle the 'worst band of all time' title back from Reckless Love's grasp.


With that twisted quest for infamy still fresh in your minds, I bring you Sutton's slightly more serious project Trigger McPoopshute. Well serious in so much as you can buy this track on iTunes right now (with all proceeds going to Slugfest's chosen charity).


Trigger McPoopshute specialise in good time rock 'n' roll fun, just like say Gluecifer or the now sadly departed Turbonegro. And knock me down with a feather, if (Clever Trevor) Sutton hasn't gone and produced a half decent tune here in tribute to...well do I need to spell it out?


This is the perfect soundtrack for a night drinking Meister Pils and Newquay Steam Beer, just don't get off with Barbara Baldwin.


As I said previously 'Poopshute' is available on iTunes right now. So if you can't make Slugfest 3, why don't you make at least one Über Röcker a very happy man this year and download the track right now. 


If however you are a tight cunt, both singles are available for free, by sending a large stamped addressed padded envelope (with sufficient large letter postage on it) to :


Über Röck

PO BOX 666
NP13 9AE