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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 14 July 2014 03:20

Operadyse - Pandemonium ArtworkIt must be admitted that this debut album - which has been almost four years in its gestation - from these symphonic metallers snuck under my musical radar when it was released a little while back. But, there is a saying about good things coming to those who wait - or, in this case, says to themselves "I wonder if there is anything decent to be heard in this big pile of CDs over there in the corner!", as this is a stunning album.


Those already familiar with these power metallers from the south of France will immediately notice one major difference between this first full-lengther and the five piece's only previous release (2009's 'Hope Era Dies' EP), and that is the change in vocalist: Franck Garcia joined the band shortly after that release, after Jennifer Lassalle decided to give up the position for personal reasons - although she does appear on here as a guest vocalist.


'Pandemonium' is everything you would expect from a classic symphonic power metal album: bombastic, overblown, pretentious to its core. But, unlike a lot of artists in this particular sub-genre who appear to perform by rote and merely to express their exemplary musicianship, Operadyse do the latter with a passion and commitment to their art which comes across in every single note of this infectious opus.


Yes, infectious is the right adjective, as this album penetrates into your very fibre quicker than the t-Virus. The sound is very much centred around the guitar showmanship of band founder Damien Marco, who sometimes makes it hard to believe that, unlike a lot of other acts in this field, he ploughs his own furrow - and does so with an expertise which would (and should) have many more 'big name' axe duos blushing with embarassment, as his harmonies, melodies and solos swoop and soar majestically over the soundscapes built by the highly competent rhythm section of Vincent Labelle (drums) and Stéphane Lambert (bass), while Gianni Nardonne's keyboards add depth and atmosphere in a way which is both suitably underpinning to the guitarist but also joining him in weaving intricate webs of musical sorcery which draw the listener deeper into the overall majesty of the album.


If you're a fan of Dragonforce, Rhapsody et al, track this album down and embrace its eloquence and energy: Dr Ashby guarantees it will do you good!




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