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Written by Nick Russell   
Tuesday, 29 July 2014 03:20

To The NinesAs a genre, hardcore is fairly straight forward to understand. Any hardcore band, whilst not necessarily playing expansive Dream Theater type songs, does have to have some musical chops, if they mean it. But that’s only part of it. It’s as much about an attitude and conviction about what you play as it is the music.


To The Nines are a five piece hardcore band from the Lower East (Anglian) side and ‘Dogs’ is their debut EP. Opening track ‘Another Day’ kicks things off, fast paced with great gang backing vocals and a nice breakdown. ‘Undivided’ is a slower tune with an excellent and memorable melodic chorus that you just want to keep singing. ‘To The Death’ has one of those slower metallic riffs but is still hardcore. It continues with ‘Lay Waste’ before the title track ‘Dogs’, which features John from Raging Speedhorn on guest vocals, batters you senseless just one more time.


There is nothing new or groundbreaking on offer here, you wouldn’t really expect there to be. What you do get though is 5 tracks of bruising metallic hardcore, excellently played with a great sound to it. To The Nines have all the best facets of what makes hardcore great, riffs, tightness and great mob vocals. Yes they do sound like a few of the top bands in the scene but they carry off in their own way. And they are British to boot!


The best compliment I can pay them is this; the latest Madball album has just come out and it’s a belter. To The Nines don’t sound out of place next to such esteemed company. You can (and should) catch them playing around the Ipswich and East Anglia soon, they will be moving to bigger things after this.