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Written by Jamie Richards   
Friday, 03 July 2015 03:40

slavescover300If there’s one thing that’s holding back the ‘rock’ market these days I’d wager it was the lack of support for a young, snot-nosed band that couldn’t care a flying wank what anyone thought of them. Flick through the pages of most rock orientated rags and you’ll find (alongside the OAPs) any number of desperate tools who look as if they stole their nana’s dressing up box, combining their seemingly senseless combo of wide-neck t shirts and cowboy boots with a repertoire that’s as light on inspiration as it is heavy on the past.


It’s a desperate merry-go-round of people who “really want it” but simply don’t have ‘it’. You don’t appear to get quite that obsession with the past in the more alternative/indie market, and that’s why Kent duo Slaves have risen faster than interest in a proposed share offer at the Playboy mansion.


There’s simply not the infatuation with the past, nor the fondness for chimps in blouses for that matter. There’s a nod to the history of the genre with Slaves of course, but it’s diced up and marinated in the freshest of youthful seasoning, and with their major label debut Slaves have served up a lip smacking record that proudly puts the pop back in punk, where it belongs…. without the stoopid shorts, banal songs about teachers and the nasally whining. It’s a flurry of feed-backing guitars, gonzoid rythyms, and songs that are much cleverer than they sometimes appear on first listen.


‘Are You Satisfied’ races out of the traps with three tracks so full of energy even Mo Farah would struggle to keep pace, with ‘Cheer Up London’ flanked by hit single ‘The Hunter’ and the album’s stand out track, ‘Sockets’ (surely the next single), it leaves you basking in its Buzzcocks meets Pistols meets Ian Dury pure fun-filled aggression.


There’s a slight gear change in ‘Despair and Traffic’ and even a curveball thrown in with the title track sounding like a demo acoustic track, but it’s so full of charm you can’t help but love it to. ‘Wow 7AM’ chugs like the Pistols’ ‘Submarine’, there’s a Numan-esque electronic clunk to ‘Ninety Nine’, before last year’s radio hit, ‘Hey’, picks the pace back up for a sprint through a high quality, full tilt finish including the insane ‘Feed The Mantaray’. Which is what Slaves is all about, the energy, the excitement, the we-don’t-give-a-fuck what anyone thinks attitude.


With their effortless flouting of the law of cool they’re a real band that can excite youngsters, and grown-ups should hate them (but don’t, not this one at any rate). Two lads from Kent who look like they might have just wandered off the set of TOWIE have made one of the albums of the year, and I for one fucking love them for it.


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