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Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 03:20

Edge Of The BladeNow this album intrigues me, in as much that I never knew of its existence until it dropped through my letterbox. I am also shocked because it also features one of my all-time favourite singers in the form of one John Francis (After Hours). The 'band' are made up of Francis, Alan Kelly (Shy) and a guitarist that is a new name to me Andrew Chick. Mr Chick it seems is the man behind this project as he plays all the guitars and keyboards. He also handles the crystal clear production and will no doubt be a hot potato in the world of melodic rock following this release!


Okay I'm going to be honest - I first put this on without knowing any of the above detail, but as soon as I heard the singer - I knew straight away who it was - and eagerly opened the PR sheet, to see if it was a new After Hours album in disguise. Either way I was loving it! Screw that - I love it, and even with some nice modern touches, the ten songs on ‘The Ghosts of Humans’ are clearly in the classic rock genre and I wouldn't want it any other way. As Francis' voice is so good and I'm beaming from ear to ear just listening to new music from him.


'Vital Signs' opens up with a very heavy pomp sound, reminiscent of latter day Magnum. But with the instantly recognisable vocals of Francis. 'Believer' up next reminds me of the chugging ‘90s but with some great keyboards and I must say it was this point that without having read the PR sheet I honestly would have thought that the album was actually recorded by a band rather than a singer, a drummer and someone else doing all the guitars and keyboards.


'Everything I Own' has another riff-tastic intro which highlights the high calibre of the people involved on this album. However one of the best songs here is indeed the ballad where John gives his all and that is on 'River Runs Red'. Although with its modern touches 'The Taken' is another great song. Oh and before I forget another musical point of reference is latter day Europe.


After the release of After Hours' ‘Against The Grain’, back in 2011. I always wondered what happened and here is the answer. Don't get me wrong, I would've loved another album by After Hours. I am just happy that John is still singing and playing. Hopefully this will be more than a studio project as the songs here be to be heard in a live setting.


Every song has its own identity and Alan Kelly along with Andrew Chick have got themselves an album to be immensely proud of. Now how about getting a band together and playing it live?




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