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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 04 July 2017 04:30

JJ Real Kerks artworkOk, you want a tip? Do you want to know what the coolest record you could pick up this summer is? Well, wonder no more because I have a tip for you. We've raved about these dudes before in the Singles Club: they've yet to release a bum track on any EP or single, and this here long player is full to bursting with classic punk rock and rolla tunes that will beat a path right from your ears to your heart from the first note you hear right to the last crushing crescendo… the album of the summer is right here and it's a belter!


What we have is nine tales of living life on the not so glamorous side of the West Coast of America, but living it like a boss and making sure you live it with some sparkle, and a bunch of tunes that would have graced any record by the Heartbreakers or Dead Boys and Those Humpers or Hanoi boys would have been proud to have penned. There is a masterclass in saxophone honking and harmonica wheezing included in the record and it’s all wrapped in some pretty tasty artwork courtesy of Jimbo Philips and Darren Merinuk.


Let's get stuck into the real guts of this debut album and all its glory. 'Out Of My Means' kicks off this masterclass in sleazy rock and roll with a ragged 12 bar that's layered with some of that oh so sweet saxophone, before Captain JJ enters the fray with a tale of living life on the wrong side of the tracks, but living it oh so well. It's got some New York Dolls DNA running through its veins, and I'm sure you'll agree even on the first play that this is the bomb folks. The saxophone ringing throughout on the solos is fantastic and adds so much to the texture of the rock and roll that is being introduced on this barnstorming opener. Talk about loading all of your guns and exploding into space: well, JJ & The Real Jerks have just opened fire.


Don't think for a minute that that was it and they're now a spent force, because after a blistering Chuck Berry-like intro, 'Downed Wires' is on fire! That X Factor ingredient that bands the world over are searching for is such a rare thing - but I ain't kidding when I tell you how exciting this record is. 'Damaged Goods' has the shake appeal of prime time 'Funhouse' Stooges; from the saxophone and the groove to the delivery of the vocals there is something that's hard to explain happening here folks and boy does it feel good.


'Bottle And Can' has some great harmonica on the intro and some pretty sleazy punk rock in those verses and chorus. 'Tuned Out' closes side one like the morning after a pretty memorable night before, with the saxophone is in the X-Ray Spex ballpark, and the change of pace is welcome: that guitar break is totally killer. Damn if all records could be this good!


Blissful is one word to describe how cool it sounds to hear a band wear their influences on their sleeve like this and still manage to write some really fresh sounding rock ‘n’ roll that is no small part owed to the instruments and the arrangments - really impressive.


'Back In Business' sounds like the perfect set opener to a great live show. My anxiety peaked when I noticed 'Ice Queen' was strutting out of my speakers, because I knew the record was fast approaching the end, and that doesn't quite seem fair.


JJ & The Real Jerks have been on the radar of Über Rock since we first reviewed their first single way back when, and my only criticism is why has it taken so long to get an album out, especially when it sounds this bloody good? Man, they should be on album number three at least.


So, in summary, I urge you, good people, to go check out JJ & The Real Jerks because they are indeed steeped in real honest rock and roll and boy do they know how to deliver it. ‘Back To The Bottom’ is destined to go straight to the top - now don't miss out go get a copy.


‘Back To The Bottom’ is out now. You can buy your copy HERE.





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