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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 10 July 2017 04:30

Peter-Perrett-How-The-West-Was-Won-Packshot-72-dpi-400x400OK, how is it even possible that Peter Perrett is still alive? Never mind writing and recording a stunning album of lyrical relevance and weight that reminds you why, once upon a time in the dim and distant past, Pete was stumbling towards the Johnny Thunders abyss and the inevitable tabloid footnote of another dead junkie rock n rolla? But, hey, stop the press: Peter Perrett has been clean for years and no longer locked away in his ivory tower with nothing but a crack pipe as his friend - he's even singing about Kim Karfuckindashian - and turning in a relevant and evocative album that features his beautiful and dream inducing voice. I am so pleased that he's defied the odds and coming out swinging.


'How The West Was Won' is everything you want it to be.  The songs are as strong as when Pete was fronting The Only Ones… no word of a lie.  His work sounds effortlessly easy and he's always had the knack to pen a wonderful off kilt melody, just like 'Hard To Say No', which evokes hints of Winehouse and others who he's influenced over the years; it has wonderful lyrics that have you hanging onto them - just like some of the delicious hooks he squeezes out of his guitar.


His story is an 'Epic Story' and, listening to the soulful 'Troika', his voice is vulnerable and charming whilst sounding strong and confident… might we be listening to his finest album bar none?  With his son's band in tow, and no doubt a lot of the material dedicated to his partner in crime Xena, who he's been with for almost half a century, this album is moving and touching like I thought it never would be.  It's mellow but bloodied; it’s a collection of songs dedicated to survival, and triumphant in the fact that it's 2017 and it’s released as his new album and not posthumously.  His son's band feature heavily and they play a fantastic part in creating the feel of what can only be described as a stunning record.


'Man Of Extremes' is beautiful. I love the lyrics - nothing fancy, just to the point - and the arrangement is great.  'Sweet Endeavour' sees the acoustic get an outing for the wordy number, but as it breaks out it soars.  


Perrett reflects on 'Something In My Brain', but it's not a hard listen, far from it.  I find it uplifting and positive - triumphant even. To close this return to form, Perrett sits back and reflects on the magnificent 'Bring Me Home', as he calls out to make him a better man. Redemption is a beautiful thing and, in musical terms, 'How The West Was Won' is a stunning return to the fray - and one that I'll listen to over and over again.  Having witnessed his return to the stage a few years ago, this is a real treat.  Welcome back Mr Perrett… we've been expecting you.


As far as comeback albums ae concerned, this has to be the granddaddy of them all - and for it to sound this bloody good is quite something. Hopefully, it's not the last.


‘How The West Was Won’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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