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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 04 July 2011 05:00

GMTFuck me...if ever an album does exactly what it says on the tin then it's this baby.  This is the all-new live offering from messers Guy, McCoy and Torme recorded during the band's 2010 UK club tour, and the 11 tracks (or 9 depending on which way you personally view intros being deemed as tracks) perfectly capture the energy of the band's full on 'Punko Rocco' party. This is Rock 'n' Roll at its rawest and we just know you are going to love it.


Taking tracks from both their previous studio albums ('Bitter & Twisted' and 'Evil Twin') and dropping in the odd cover version or two (Jimi Hendrix and Gillan tunes are both given a right hammering) the band's 45 minute set is a steamrollering tour de force of guitars bass and drums that from the get go of 'Cannonball' never really drops below frenetic in pace or delivery.


Alright I'll give you that their may be more than a nod to Gillan's 'If You Believe Me' you in the ten-minute jammed out version of 'Perfumed Garden' but this is Bernie Torme at his best, and this track delivers some of the finest fretwork I've heard this side of the legendary Rory Gallagher.  Something I hope Bernie himself realises, as he has kept his talents hidden away for far too long when there is a whole new generation of people just waiting to discover his guitar genius.  Just take a listen to the acid drenched 'Longer Than Tomorrow' and tell me you don't get iconic imagines of guitar greats flashing through your minds eye as the song's almost Master Of Reality-like chorus refrain eats away at your brain.  This is blistering stuff indeed, and the song's climactic ending contains bass filled cluster bombs out to wreck havoc on your eardrums.... So beware, you have been warned.


Of the rest of the newer cuts 'Bullet In The Brain' and 'Wheel of Fortune' both bristle with the bluesy energy that Bernie so effortlessly lets rip with the simple flick of his wrist.  Personally I'd liked to have heard more of this stuff rather than the two covers that end the band's set, but I understand why they have been included here as both 'No Easy Way' and 'Fire' act as a perfect historical counterpoint to what G.M.T are doing right now. In fact hearing these newer cuts live again not only made me want to once again see this titanic trio in the naked steaming flesh once more, it also made me dig out the band's two studio albums because I'd simply forgotten how good these guys are.


As G.M.T don't appear to be doing any live shows right now If you fancy getting a piece of the G.M.T 'Raw - Live' action then the only way to get it right now is by heading over to the band's website and ordering yourself a copy of this mighty fine platter. And remember kids 'You Can't Beat Rock 'n' Roll' especially when it's this fucking good.