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Written by Lewis B   
Friday, 08 July 2011 06:00

apalehorseRight, with a return to reviewing, let's break a precedent. I've started this review before I've so much as gotten through the first listening. To put it simply, I'm bored. Who is this 'Sal Abruscato' anyway? I ask because, for his self-proclaimed 'pinnacle creation', this is thoroughly disappointing. It's not like the guy is modest either, he styles himself, by his own admission, as one half of 'the murdering evil version of Lennon and McCartney'. Say what you like about Liam and Noel, errr, excuse me, John and Paul, but you cannot under any circumstances deny or downplay their legacy. My point being that Sal sets the bar high, high enough that it's soaring over a lofty mountain peak whilst he lies drowned at the bottom of the deep dark edgy ocean (I'll get to it), weighed down by this dismal medley of, well I'll get to it.


So we've got hints of Type O Negative, ok, lots of hints, and a touch of Alice in Chains, yes. Tragically it falls far short of THAT level of greatness, coming across as almost, no definitely, a wannabe sound. Following on, a few tracks have Deftones influences, perhaps this biases me a tad, as they're another 'got to be the heaviest' band I have no fondness for. This seems to be a recurring theme throughout the album, some strange need to be heavy, both musically, as the guitars chug chug chug away, and lyrically. I mean, a blatant song about serial killing? Heroin use? Someone has a badass complex. It's a shame really, that 'Heroin Train' was utterly ruined by this, I really heard some Zakk Wylde-esque riffing going on, and once I tuned out the needles and other such examples of the album's proud 'edginess' I almost enjoyed the track.


I described the album as dismal earlier, but the more I listened, the more I realised that that was Sal's aim. Does the fact that it was deliberate change my opinion in any way? Not in the slightest. However, it did force me to think, there are people out there who will like this, who will listen to it and admire 'Bath In My Blood' and 'As Black As My Heart' for the very reasons I detested them. Each to his own I guess, though it makes me want to slit my wrists a little...