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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 04:00

Kobra_And_The_LotusKobra And The Lotus are back with another slice of Judas Priest tinged metal complete with an edge of Nightwish and Maiden thrown in for good measure.


This Canadian bunch have been gaining a nice following over the last year or so with support slots with Judas Priest and recent appearances at all the major festivals, and it's not hard to see why as they plough a nice neat furrow of power metal. However nothing on here will be a shock or surprise to you - I mean Rob Halford as a woman would sound just like vocalist Kobra Paige and all the song ideas are simple homages to their heroes. '50 Shades Of Evil' and 'Welcome To My Funeral' are prime examples of Priest-isms taken to the limit and all fans of this style will not be disappointed. The fact the Paige is a woman may have opened a few doors for Kobra And The Lotus initially but I'd suggest that THE BAND are now more than capable of holding that door open for themselves after treading the boards and learning their craft.


'My Life' tips it's hat to Maiden before pushing forward into power metal land and 'Sanctuary' (rather ironically not a Maiden style tune) sees them roll out the piano to produce a haunting power ballad that for once, sounds a little different to the rest of the album - this along with 'Aria Of Karmika' are the only times you really feel that they've pushed the envelope a little more.  'Lover Of The Beloved' starts off with a "woah woah", 'Fear Of The Dark' style chant but actually sits like a plodding one-legged duck amongst the rest of this album. It's not often the quality dips but on this one occasion it just seems a bit boring. 'No Rest For The Wicked' (they don't help by naming their songs after far more famous titles do they?) gets 'Kobra And The Lotus' back up to speed and quality.


One thing that has caught my eye, (apart from the fact that they're now signed to Gene Simmons' label), is that they are calling this their debut album, but I distinctly remember reviewing their first album, 'Out Of The Pit' last year right here on Uber Rock, or am I going insane? I'm also pretty damn sure Kobra Paige used to be called Brittany Paige and the band's website never really looked as professional as it does these days - me thinks the money men have spotted a small gold mine here.......


This is essentially a good album for all lovers of this genre, it's not the most original but it's certainly not the worst album you'll hear this year, perhaps even this month. Take a peek at their new video 'Forever One' and see what all the fuss is about.




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