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Written by Jim Rowland   
Thursday, 05 July 2012 04:05

Fates_WarningU.S. progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning get the full works with this Metal Blade makeover of their 1994 album 'Inside Out'. As with the 2010 reissue of 'Parallels', it's a box set featuring the original album fully remastered, a second disc of live tracks and demos from the era, and to cap it all off there's a bonus DVD containing a great array of live clips and interviews from the same era. It's enough to get Fates Warning fans frothing at the mouth.


Originally released in 1994, 'Inside Out' saw the band continue in the more commercial direction of its predecessor 'Parallels', and was the last album to feature long standing members Frank Aresti and Joe DiBiasi, who left the band soon after the album's release. It also split opinion, as not all of the band's fans were too enamoured with Fates Warning's continuing journey into more commercial territory.


Indeed, 'Inside Out' is a mixed bag. On the one hand, no one would have been disappointed with the outstanding 'Monument', complete with its delicate intro 'Inward Bound'. 'Monument' is a thrilling, eerie and intelligent slice of progressive metal which owes a fair bit to the influence of Rush's post seventies work, combining engaging time signatures with some superb bass work, catchy guitar riffing and some wonderful classical acoustic guitar work. It's a progressive metal tour de force and typical of the work that Fates Warning built their reputation on. It's a shame then, that to my ears much of the rest of the album veers too much into a fairly bland, commercial rock/metal direction, something that even borders on AOR at times. There's still a bit of a Maiden influence in places, but for me the likes of 'Island In The Stream', 'Pale Fire' and 'Afterglow' don't really cut it a great deal. There were many Fates fans who disagreed with that at the time, and many that still do, and they're the ones that will be delighted with this reissue.


The bonus disc contains live versions of 'Outside Looking In', 'Down To The Wire', 'The Eleventh Hour', 'Point Of View' and 'Face the Fear' all recorded to a pretty high standard in Dusseldorf in 1995. Add to that five good quality demos of the album tracks, a rough mix of 'Monument' and the unreleased track 'Circles' and you've got a bumper bonus disc. What will delight fans even more is the DVD (not available for review here) which has 9 live clips from 1994/95 and a further 10 extras, which also includes an MTV interview from 1995.


Now, at under £15 that's bang for your bucks!




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