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Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 04:05

Lita_Ford_Living_like_a_Runaway_printMost of us will have our own ways of coping when things get a little tough in our lives, some of us go on fitness regimes, some might imbibe a few substances to help numb the pain, whilst others might go as far as hiring a therapist to help them live through the struggles generated by modern life.  Rock stars on the other hand when they're not doing any or all of the above they just go out and write a song to help them cope.


Or as we have here in the case of Lita Ford you actually go out a write tens songs about whatever it is that is eating you up inside, and you then release them as an album under the title of 'Living Like A Runaway'.  So what has caused this sudden outburst of anger from the British born rock raised on the streets of L.A?  Well let's just say it's man trouble in her life and leave it at that shall we. Because there really is enough of a story for you to discover for yourselves within tracks such as 'Hate', 'Devil In My Head' and 'Mother' without you having to read my interpretation of Lita's very personal lyrics right here. 


Just listen to the first verse of album opener 'Branded' and you'll get a pretty clear picture of where Lita is coming from with the whole 'Living Like A Runaway' album, as this is the sound of Lita the musician, and more importantly Lita THE WOMAN taking control of her life once more. Gone (by and large) are the nu metal trappings of this album's predecessor 'Wicked Wonderland' and in their place once again stands the uber guitar vixen who gave us such classic albums as 'Queens Of Noise' and 'Dancin' On The Edge', all locked and loaded and ready to rock.


I do have to admit though that spread out over ten tracks the amount of spleen Lita vents within one of her heaviest albums to date does give the record a kind of "hard to listen to" feel something that some fans of her more mainstream albums such as 'Lita' and 'Stiletto' might find hard to stomach. It actually gets to the point that by the final track I'm sat here waiting for a song to pop up called 'I Hate You And Want You To Die' it really is that bleak, so when I actually get to hear 'A Song To Slit Your Wrist By', a track which in spite of it's title is actually one of the more upbeat numbers on 'Living Like A Runaway', it comes as something of a late respite on the senses. This track having been penned by her old mate Nikki Sixx actually tells a more tongue in cheek lyrical tale over the glam electro stomp of the song. And mentioning da Crue if I were to try and position 'Living Like A Runaway' the album, I would have to say it holds some strong similarities to both 'Generation Swine' and the band's 'Self Titled' album with John Corabi, in so much as what producer Gary Hoey has done is take Lita's rich musical heritage and give it a 21st Century twist, especially on the electro grind of  'The Mask' and the sassy strut of 'Relentless'.  Lita certainly hasn't lost any of her vocal charm, and one look at the album sleeve will give you an idea of where she is at physically these days (phew!).


There are of course some nods to the Lita of old especially in the anthemic album title track which whilst harking back lyrically to her days in The Runaways actually comes across more like a latter day solo track from Jon Bon Jovi, and in the aforementioned 'Devil In My Head' Lita has a track which is a good as any of any of the rockers on Ozzy Osbourne's last clutch of studio albums whilst 'Asylum' retains an epic eighties feel that also strangely brings up images of the double O with his arms aloft but this time in one of his more mellow moments.


So all is good in the Lita Ford camp once more - well musically at least, and things sound pretty well grounded on 'Living Like A Runaway', but as I've stated already with an album as personal as this I can't help but feel that mainstream success won't come a calling anytime soon as it is all a bit too full know what  I mean?


Still it's great to have the BC Rich toting bitch back in all her glory and long may it continue.


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