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Written by Rob Watkins   
Friday, 20 July 2012 04:30

Eclipse_Bleed_And_ScreamSwedish hard rockers Eclipse are ready to shine musically over the planet with the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2008 release 'Are You Ready To Rock' rooted firmly in the melodic rock genre, so here we go Uber Rockers it's time to 'Bleed and Scream'


'Wake Me Up' opens things up with a huge slice of 80's inspired riffage complete with a killer vocal delivery courtesy of Erik Martenssom, this track has everything and more for what's expected from an album opener for this particular genre of rock music, with plenty of catchy melodic vocal hooks.  This is something that carries over into title track 'Bleed And Scream' a number that again has all the essential musical ingredients to appeal to any AOR/hard rock aficionado, with the amps turned up to eleven with all the riff overload going down.  The riffing continues on 'Ain't Dead Yet' but it's the powerhouse vocal performances of Martenssom that rules the Eclipse roost with some mighty fine harmonic moments and melodic chord progressions.  The band have obviously found and perfected their own little musical niche within this genre but that's probably as far as things could go playing tunes of this nature, still songs such as 'Battlegrounds' and 'A Bitter Taste' are all well written numbers, however as with a whole lot of the Euro rock artists out there today there's quite a fine line between Euro-Rock and Eurovision, which is not essentially a bad thing, dependent on your particular individual view of course.


Those 1980's influenced guitar breaks keep on coming thick and fast and at times as on a track like 'Falling Down' it could be easy to compare Eclipse to artists such as Leatherwolf and Steelheart to name but a few of the lesser known acts yanked outta the cavernous pit of melodic rock. As 'Bleed And Scream' progresses the hook laden tracks are rolling onwards and upwards with 'S.O.S' and the hard rocking 'Take Back The Fear', and irrelevant of your stand-point on this type of music there's no argument to be had against the standard of songwriting held herein because at the end of the day "a tune is a tune". Take a listen to the riff and hook of 'The Unspoken Heroes' and tell me there's not a slight inspirational tug of Ozzy's (Jake E Lee period) sleeve, and of course the expected ballad rears its head on 'About To Break', and is a decent offering I suppose but probably not a tune destined to end up on one of those ballad compilations that the record companies of the world endlessly release and rehash. Closing the album and back in rocking style Eclipse kick it out with another killer choral arrangement on 'After The End Of The World'


This album might not be one to make you bleed but certainly beyond any shadow of doubt it is one to make you scream.....


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