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Written by Matt Phelps   
Monday, 01 July 2013 03:40

deathbykicover useShowing Somerset has far more to offer than just cider and the Wurzels deadly quartet Death By Ki are a tooled up thrashing machine from the South West of England who have graduated from the same school of modern metal that gave the world the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium.  


With a new five track EP out now the sights of Josh Ayerst (guitar/vocals), Chris Chamberlain (guitar), Will Robins (bass) and Nick Cope (drums) are firmly set on ascending past the massed ranks of middle-of-the-road competition while churning out hard hitting tracks such as 'Like Oxygen To Fire'. With its flammable riffs 'Like Oxygen...' has all the potential needed to light up the path the Westcountry foursome are blazing out of Bridgwater right now, a path that has already seen them get all pyromaniacal on a number of stages, lighting fires beneath the likes of Revoker, Evile and Gallows.


The breakout of melody in 'Control (In A World Of Free Will)' shifts things up a gear following an equally powerful title track, both featuring startling guitar work and solos that soar over the thundering main rhythm. Ayerst's vocals are rough and commanding, never shying away from the frontline he leads the band decisively through the technical assault.


The somewhat misleading press release however indirectly informed me that only four of the five tracks on 'The Right Of Might' are "key tracks." I personally found it to be five, the criminally omitted 'Tao' from that press release four reveals the deeper, more complex side of Death By Ki. 'Tao' breaks the pace from the flat out style of attack and at six minutes in length is the longest and most creative of the tunes here. It shows the forward thinking side of a bunch of guys who aren't afraid to push the envelope. Akin to Metallica's 'The Unforgiven' in some respects it stands as an impressive piece by a band destined to be taken seriously (insert joke about Somerset and combine harvesters of sorrow here).


If Death By Ki take their next steps carefully and continue the up the arc of the rise they've already taken in their few short years together then it would be entirely conceivable that these young guns might one day be serious contenders for taking the crowns from some of the misfiring current big guns. Given Trivium's already precarious grip on their own jewel encrusted head-wear young, hungry bands like Death By Ki are quite rightly chomping at the bit to take their game up a level and slay a few lazy giants. An exciting band, full of vigour and metal threshing mad. Check them out today.