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Written by Rob Watkins   
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 03:40

embrace-the-fall-album-cover-1024x995Brit riff beasts Resin stake their claim as rising alternative rock newcomers channelling acts such as Seether, A Perfect Circle and Alice In Chains.


Instantly we're met with all that aforementioned influence and inspiration but really no Resin originality, rather sadly, on 'Entropy'. As you listen to tracks like 'Carpe Diem', the acoustic almost drivel of 'Fallen', and 'Fake' it's becoming increasingly evident that this particular group of musicians lack songwriting skill and essential groove and beat for the genre they are trying to slide into: I mean, on a positive note, the songs are above average and can't be slated at all, but to rise up to the next level the tunes need to be well above the standard that the band are currently musically residing in.


There's an element of doom hanging over this entire project on track such as 'Instinct' and, another acoustic moment, 'Beskadig', a song sang in Afrikaans and a homage to singer James Botha's South African roots.


'Clouds' started off promisingly and has its moments but at points dies on its musical feet. The album then closes with an acoustic version of 'Clouds'...... never mind.


Embrace that Fall guys.


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