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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 25 July 2013 03:20

die hitchikerOnly available as a 10" record or digital download German punk rock outfit Die Hitchhikers have decided to release the record in both German and English and, in fairness, at first I did do a double take but, hey, they are German so why not? With their brand of high octane agit punk - which really suits the German language - I probably wouldn't have had a clue what they were singing about had it been in English anyway.


'Manipulation' has a bit of The Hives about its speed and delivery, as does 'Cyberqueen', but it also has a massive D-I-Y sulpher induced punk rock about it as well, a part Undertones and part Dickies vibe to it.


Of the eleven tracks spread out over this very nice heavyweight 10" record the first four are sung in their mother tongue; it's not until 'Inside My Head' do you get English lyrics and it's a very Thee Spivs vibe with a minimalist approach to the sound with very trebly guitar chords played with a rapid hand and a bass that's not too dissimilar to that played by early Joy Division.


To be honest there isn't a lot of difference between the tracks - the variety isn't massive and you're not going to get any sloppy love ballads or long guitar solos, but it's tight and has a whole bunch of energy about it. In small doses it's good stuff regardless of what language it's sung in. In fact it's quite refreshing to hear them sing in German. Good on 'em I say, they sure make a racket for four guys just keeping it simple playing the music they love and to hell with the consequences - it's what it should be about. Punk rock über alles!