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Written by Nev Brooks   
Monday, 22 July 2013 04:00

GoGolThe gypsy punks are back!


Now up until about 18 months ago I had heard absolutely nothing by these these lunatics. I then had a phone call from a mate, (kudos to Lucy Rees), asking would I be interested in taking a trip over the bridge to have a look at them live and a suggestion to check them out on You Tube and look at a particular Jools Holland performance. My first thoughts? WHAT THE FUCK!!! But on delving a bit deeper I found an LP in HMV, (which was a bit of a strange event in itself) called ‘Trans-Continental Hustle’, produced by one Rick Rubin and I duly picked it up blind, my second thought on the band when listening to said LP? This is mental!!!! And, the live gig? Madder than anything I’d ever seen bar none firmly ensconcing me as a fan. (By way of some spooky uber related coincidence the support act for the madness was none other than The Eureka Machines).


So what of this, the gang’s latest offering? Well Rick Rubin didn’t produce it, which is a shame, but in all honesty the experience of the last LP has moved everything up 100 MPH and even though my listening was limited (the joys of the review stream) I can’t help but smile as I listen, then I get up and start bouncing around the room, and I still can’t really compare Gogol Bordello to anything else out there.


The music, which in my live review I called it punked up Romanian folk music, I think still holds true as a description, with the fiddle and guitar very much at the fore, and the man with the moustacheEugene Hütz, wow what a frontman, he’s as much a bundle of energy on record as live. Now here’s the but. After seeing them live, I’m missing the visuals, the intensity and interaction between the band members, the intensity of the dance floor, the stage-diving, the mosh-pits and the camaraderie of the fans. Seriously everyone should check this band out live, (you’ll get your chance in December) no matter how good on LP they sound and making no bones about it this is a cracking LP, this music simply belongs on the live stage.


Case in point if anyone strayed to the second stage at this year’s Download on the Friday night, they would have experienced everything I’m talking about. If I was to pick something from this LP that best sums them up? Check out ‘Lost Innocent World’ which is awesome stuff.


Get out there, get your dancin’ shoes on and get converted to the gypsy lifestyle.




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