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Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 04:00

hellboundheartscoverThis York based three piece certainly have an Uber Rock friendly name, don't you think? Hellbound Hearts were formed in 2011 by former Terrorvision bassist Danny Lambert, who switches to guitar and vocals here for this new project. Following several line-up changes, and now with the addition of former 98 Pages rhythm section Jase Brookes on bass and Andy Black on drums, they offer up their debut EP 'Outside' to the world. With plenty of touring under their collective belts opening for the likes of The Virginmarys, Black Spiders and Terrorvision this Yorkshire trio could well be quite an exciting proposition.


The title track gets things going from the off with thumping beats and cool, low slung riffs that give a certain punch, proof that Lambert's stint with his former band has surely rubbed off. A clever instrumental passage and a well thought out arrangement make for some cool sounds going on here, good stuff.


'Mr. Cynical' is a more laid back thing that flows along on a solid bass groove, and although chorus-wise it lacks that certain something, it's still sonically quite seductive and a decent tune. 'Sinking Ship' ups the pace yet again; it has a cool-as-you-like frantic drum intro and the song kicks in nicely and ends up being possibly the strongest and most energetic track on offer here, I imagine it's a bit of a corker live too.

Final track 'Hold Steady' has a snotty, punky vibe to it, Lambert's snarling vocals coming on all Kory Clarke here and there and "woah-woah" backing vocals are always a pleasure to hear in my book. It's an upbeat slab of punky rock and a fitting end to the EP.


As a debut EP 'Outside' is a decent offering for sure, although it lacks a bit in the production department, the songs shine through and show much promise for the future. There are hints of Lambert's previous band throughout, and while they are not as radio friendly or as instant the quality of songwriting and playing is still up there with the competition. They also have that certain crunch and choppy guitars going on in places that remind me of The Wildhearts, in fact there is a definite British sound to their rock 'n' roll.


Currently in the studio recording their debut long player, Hellbound Hearts certainly have the potential and I look forward to hearing that debut album as they could well be ones to keep an eye on in the near future.




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