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Written by Ian Bell   
Tuesday, 10 August 2010 05:30

rain176'Dad Is Dead' then - not sure whether something got lost in the Italian/English translation or it's one of the worst album titles since 'Pink Bubbles Go Ape', an old reference but this is the era that Rain come from and are stuck and probably still planning what they will be doing for the Millennium.

The 80/90's influence itself is not a problem for me or even a negative but what you shouldn't expect is anything new or groundbreaking, this is a trad metal lover's band and they don't hide that fact or pretend to be any different so if you were into your Maiden-esque metal in the 80's or 90's then within a few plays this album feels like an old friend. 

On learning that the band formed in 1980 and have been plugging away for 30 years answers and brings clarity to the reason why they sound the way they do, it's only in recent times they have been breaking barriers outside their native Italy (voted best Italian hard rock band in 2008 - couldn't tell you who they were up against or the quality) with a USA tour with W.A.S.P. and across Europe with Blaze Bayley, indeed first impression of this album was that it could be Blaze Bayley on vocals and if it were then he would have hit some form. One thing that can't be taken from this release is that it is has some half decent songs where you find yourself thinking to yourself quite often 'I recognise this' or 'that sounds familiar' but with no obvious other bands to reference; there are sprinklings of Maiden, Zodiac Mindwarp, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest running through all the songs but not to the point of dominating each song but allowing enough of the band's own character and style to lead proceedings, that is until the final track and a half decent cover of The Cult's 'Rain' (see what they did....)

The album is an hour long and on reaching the final hurdle things are getting a little samey but if you fancy sticking something on out of the box marked '80's trad metal' then why not and if you were down your local rock boozer Rain coming across the PA wouldn't be a bad choice. Stand out tracks for me were 'Love In The Back', kicking off with a riff full of intent and maybe it's because when the backing vocals kick in with the words of the title for some reason my brain translates as 'Breaking The Law', and the title track 'Dad Is Dead' which, with the motorcycle revving up at the start and opening riff, could be none more Saxon and my brain is translating into 'Power And The Glory'.